Sr. Consultant Gopi Venkatesan

Sr. Consultant

Quality Beyond Certification


I’ve been certified at some of the highest standards for the quality of my performance at work. I spare no quarter when it comes to delivering high quality services in the required time. Listed below are some of my certifications: 


  • Extreme Networks Certified Instructor
  • Certified Cisco Systems Instructor
  • Checkpoint Certified Security Instructor
  • Certified EC-Council Instructor
  • IPV6 Certified Instructor – Gold
  • Juniper Networks Certified Instructor
  • Checkpoint Certified Security Administrator
  • Checkpoint Certified Security Expert
  • Extreme Networks Certified Expert
  • Cisco Certified Network Expert Written – CCIE (R&S), Security
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate – CCNA
  • Cisco Certified Security Professional – CCSP
  • Information Systems Security Professional – ISSP
  • Certified Wireless Network Associate – CWNA
  • Certified Wireless Security Professional – CWSP
  • Information Technology Infrastructure Library – ITILV3F
  • Comptia Security +
  • Juniper Networks Certified Internet Associate – JNCIA – FW/VPN
  • Juniper Networks Certified Internet Specialist  – JNCIS – FW/VPN
  • Juniper Networks Certified Internet Associate – JNCIA – IDP
  • Juniper Networks Certified Internet Associate – JNCIA – SSL
  • Juniper Networks Certified Internet Associate – JNCIA –DX
  • Juniper Networks Certified Internet Associate – JNCIA –EX
  • Juniper Networks Certified Internet Associate – JNCIA –WX
  • Juniper Networks Certified Internet Associate – JNCIA –ER
  • McAFee EPO , HIPS, SafeBoot , VSE
  • Extreme Certified Expert – Networking
  • Extreme Certified Expert – Access Control
  • Extreme Certified Specialist – Routing
  • Extreme Certified Specialist – Switching
  • Extreme Certified Specialist - NAC


Experience in Expertise


With more than 14+ years of experience in the IT industry I can comfortably say that I know the field and how to go about my business.  Be it designing, Implementation or troubleshooting of Network Technologies, I am totally comfortable in doing it all, even under immense pressure. Given below is a list of other services I am experienced in:


  • Analysis, installation, implementation and troubleshooting of WAN/LAN Projects
  • Corporate experience in various roles of networking.
  • Networking as an Engineer handling WAN, Cisco, Juniper, Fortinet, Watchguard, etc., devices.
  • Technical Audit, Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessment.


Professional Prowess


My wide range of professional skills and the experience coupled with my determination alone have resulted in the level of expertise that I possess today.


Senior Security Consultant

  • Maintenance of Cisco PIX Firewalls and VPN Concentrators
  • Maintenance and Monitoring of International links on IP
  • Providing Support to more than 75 branches in EMEA
  • Coordinating with Verizon Business for WAN Connectivity issues.


Network Administrator

  • Providing LAN / WAN Support for the Corporate Network   Management of Infrastructure using Cisco Works 2005
  • Implementing routing protocols RIP, IGRP, Enhance IGRP, OSPF
  • Troubleshooting IOS Routers and PIX Firewalls.
  • Hands on experience with VPN Concentrator 3000 series.
  • Configuring ACS and Restricting Administrative access.
  • Deployment of Packet Filtering Using Different Types of Access Control Lists and Object Grouping.
  • Content Filtering using WebSense, N2H2, ActiveX Filtering, and Java Applets
  • Configuring Cisco router Interfaces, Access-Lists, TCP/IP addresses and   SNM
  • Configuring Access-List, Access-group, Access-Class, Line VTY for Security
  • Configuring WAN Technologies like Frame Relay, PPP and ISDN
  • Control router installations, passwords, identification, backups and upgrades
  • Configuring VLAN in the CISCO 19XX & 29XX-Series Switch
  • Hardware and OS upgrading of Cisco devices.



At Heart’s Core


Over and above all my skills and abilities, there are some core skills that I have completely mastered and perfected. These are the skills that are demanded of me on a regular basis:


Installation and Configuration of

  • Routers – Cisco 1700,2500,2600,3600,Juniper M/T Series
  • RAS – 3COM Total Control
  • Switches – Cisco 3550,2900,1900,Alteon, Extreme, Foundry, Blackbox.
  • Firewall – Netscreen, Cisco PIX, Foundry, Fortigate, Watchguard.
  • Load Balancers – Intel and Cisco.
  • VPN Concentrator – Cisco VPN box, Juniper SSL Box.
  • Wireless – Symbol & Cisco WLC, WMS
  • Cache Engine – Netcache
  • Identity – Cisco ISE, Extreme NAC, Juniper UAC
  • Cisco Prime, Junos Space


Routing Protocols

  • OSPF – Designed, Implemented and Migrated several NOC to the core backbone using OSPF as the IGP.
  • Commissioning & Installation of E1,PRI Links in Backbone


LAN Switching – LAN Switching techniques, VLANs, Ethernet Trunking, VLAN Tagging, VTP and STP.


Technical experience in Network Security Products such as VPN, IDS/IDP solutions and Firewalls


Security Audit and Vulnerability Assessment experience including network attack and penetration testing, host security diagnostics.


Familiarity with risk analysis and mitigation methodology, security policy and procedure development, incident response program, patch management and vulnerability management processes, security training and awareness.


Ability to address confidentiality, integrity and vulnerability of the network and systems and provides the foundation for many risk mitigating activities.


Implementation of network and system security solutions.



Technical Techniques

Be it hardware or Operating Systems, my technical abilities in all these areas are up to global standards and I always aim to give my customers the best in technical support. Listed below are my technical skills:


Hardware Platforms

Routers: Cisco 1700,2500.2600,3600, Juniper M/T Series.

Switches: Catalyst 3550,2900,1900,Alteon,Extreme (black diamond, Alpine, Summit),Foundry and Blackbox.

Netscreen FW 5000 Series, ISG, 500 – A/A.A/P, PIX FW, VPN Concentrator, SSL VPN, Juniper IDP, Cisco IDS, Cisco ASA, Checkpoint.

Operating Systems

Windows NT 4.0/2000 Server & Workstation, Cisco IOS, Cat OS, Finnesse(PIX), Junos , Screen OS, Linux (Basic)


Training: - Security

Some of the Few Key Customers for whom Security Classes (NSM, IDP, Netscreen FW, SSL, PIX, CEH, CHECKPOINT)


Learn by Teaching: I have also conducted many seminars in an around the city as part of my ongoing effort to spread awareness about technology and its practical uses in our day to day life. I am also writing a book on the same. These have been very nourishing experiences as not only have I imparted knowledge through these workshops and seminars, but have learned a great deal too. 1. Workshop on Digital Evidence for “ISACA” Bangalore Chapter 2. Workshop on Firewall Technologies for Dhiragu ISP Maldives

3. Workshop on Wireless Security “ISACA” Chennai Chapter 4. Guest Lecturer for MSC Cybercrime and Information Security and PG Diploma in                                                        Information Security (University of Madras)


Clientele (Most Recent)


Here’s a list of our most recent clients

Mu-Sigma – Extreme Routing and Switching

Mu-Sigma – Extreme Wireless

Mu-Sigma – Extreme Netsight

Rukus – Wirless Technologies

Cisco Systems TAC – Nexus

Cisco Systems TAC – UCS

Cisco Systems TAC – ASA Firewall

Cisco Systems TAC – Routing

Cisco Systems TAC – Switching

Cisco Systems TAC – Collab

Vodafone Bangalore – Juniper SRX

Vodafone Pune – Cisco Switching

Vodafone Pune – SRX

Sungard – Nexus

Intel Bangalore - Extreme

Ramco InfoTech – Netscreen and IDP (Chennai)

Marstech Solutions India P Ltd

Trishla (Juniper Firewall)

ISACA – India (Workshop)

University of Madras – Cybercrime (MSC & PG Diploma)

Indian Bank (Head Office) – Firewall and IPS Evaluation

Hyderabad International Airport – Tech Lead (Security, Wireless)

Bangalore International Airport – Tech Lead (Wireless)

Cybernet Slash Support – Chennai (Juniper SSL)

BSE (Checkpoint)


Element K India Pvt Ltd (MPLS)




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