Gilberto Berlanga

Industrial Engineer

I am an Industrial Engineer, I have more than 6 years teaching Excel and the rest of the Office Suite online. Working as an Industrial Engeneer, you have to make Excel your best friend whether to use it in statistical process, logistics, human resources, purchasing, sales and other departments to maximize productivity so I have gain a lot experience and expertise in Excel that i would like to pass this knowledge to you.

I like to explain using simple words and going straight to the point, that makes it easier for my students to understand the information quickly

I have made my curriculum boosted by my knowledge of the Office Suit, specially with excel, this little tool is a big plus for the companies, so my recomendation if you are not familiar with this software, is not only to learn how to use it but to be an expert, or at least try to be.

I speak English, Spanish, and Portuguese, I love Web Programming

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