German Cova

Professional Guitarist

German Cova was born 1969 in Ciudad Bolívar in Venezuela. He began his guitar studies at age 16 with maestro Miguel González with whom he learns a very solid base in relation to the execution of scales and music. He studies electric guitar, improvisation techniques and jazz in the "Roland Learning Center" school of the hand of several teachers where he learns the Pick technique in his right hand. He studied classical guitar at the "José Ángel Lamas" School (Caracas) with maestro José Luis Presa and later studied almost all his career at the "Juan José Landaeta" Conservatory. He travels to Spain where he specializes in flamenco guitar techniques to accompany dance and solo guitar, where he finds his greatest passion. The right hand techniques surprise Germán in a way that would never fail to study this powerful technique so full of strumming, chopping, arpeggios and scales. He participated in "Master classes" with teachers such as Eladio Mujica (Venezuela), Luis Zea (Venezuela), Entry Jiménez (Spain), Tuck Sulivan (USA), Kazuhito Yamashita (China), Janice Williams (USA), Aquiles Báez ), Flavio Sala (Italy), Javier García Moreno (Spain), Leo Brouwer (Cuba), José Thomas Jiménez (Spain), among others. He participates in more than 30 plays in Venezuela for flamenco schools and offers several concerts in various festivals in the country, including: The International Festival of Angostura Guitar and International Festival of Corp Group. He plays in concerts with the Simón Bolívar Symphony Orchestra and the Simón Bolívar Youth Orchestra as soloist playing the work "Palimdromia Flamenca". In 2012 he is awarded a scholarship by the Barquisimeto Jazz Festival to study in Curitiba (Brazil) and in 2013 for Andalucia (Spain) in the same festival for his talent as a performer. He also participates in several festivals of songwriters in Europe. He recorded several CDs with various artists and recorded his own production with 12 original songs as a singer.

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