Franck Du Mesnil

Web Developer and visual teacher

I'm Franck. I started working on web developpement in 1995 and as a freelancer in 2006 by building professionnal blogs with movabletype and now wordpress. I also work on creating audio and video content on the web, documentaries, voice over and storytelling webdocs.

I am both an artist and a technician. I'm passionate of painting and filming but my work is on the web.

Today a great part of my job is training for the web for multimedia journalism and i give courses in the field of digital production tools, video editing, web developpement and creating digital content.

I work on wordpress since several years and on Sony Vegas Pro, Final Cut Pro, storytelling with Klynt.

He discovered the Web in 1995 and became a webmaster. He is self-Employed since 2005 and began producing Professional Blogs.

He is interested in lending to the phenomenon of podcasting and wrote the first book in French on the subject published by Eyrolles French Editor in May 2006.

Since 2006 he is involved both in multimedia storytelling and web developpement focusing on multimedia.

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