Venkat Mecoe

Principal Solution Architect

I am Venkat and I am a fascinated trainer. I own a training firm named as "MeCOE" which is abbrivated as Middleware Center of Excellence.

So far in my expereince, I played a key role in middleware Center of Excellence as far as product implementation is dealt with. I did product consulting, administration, architecting and build the product governance for middleware product stack.

The product stack I dealt with so far is comprised of application tier stack such as Webcenter, SOA(Service Oreinted architecture) and OSB (Oracle Service Bus) and Oracle Database

I am multi-skilled professional who started off his career as Oracle Database administrator and trasnformed himself into a multi-skilled resource who can implement and support multiple product stack in multi-tier technology.

Teaching technology is my passion and I do it all the time. This is my key motto to drive me day to day in pursuing my career.

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