Emmet O'Grady

Software Engineer & Docker Ninja

My name is Emmet O’Grady, I’m Irish. I‘ve been a PHP software developer since aound 2010. I have been interested in Docker since it was in version 0.7, back then it wasn’t nearly as stable as it is now although even then it was gaining popularity very quickly.

My main programming language is PHP, I love PHP because there are fantastic frameworks that make web development a breeze with it. Some people tell me that PHP is an ugly language to code in, and yes, it’s true that PHP makes it easy to write hacky, dirty code. Buuut, if you know what you’re doing you can also write really beautiful code, and I love beautiful code.

In my day job I’m a PHP developer but I love doing “devopsy” things too. In particular I’m very interested in the workflow from development to production. I have a huge dislike for manual testing and I dream of continuous deployment workflows with fully automated test suites that cover most problems so that a developer can push and forget, knowing that their change will go into production automatically if everything is ok, and that bugs will be caught before they can cause trouble in production.

I work on web applications mostly and I'm a big fan of Docker. I run all of my personal projects in docker containers in production, at the moment I have about 20 different containers running in production. I also help the companies that I work in to use Docker in their own applications.

I’m the co-organizer of the Docker Meetup in Barcelona and I love teaching Docker to anyone who wants to learn. I’m hugely excited to teach on Udemy and I really hope you enjoy my courses.

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