Elly Pirocacos

Practical Philosopher - Academic Philosopher

I love what I do! I knew I wanted to teach the moment I first set foot on university campus. I was compelled by the vibrancy of ideas that spurred people into action, incited conversation, and challenged everyday assumptions. The power of ideas to change people's lives has always had a gravitational pull on me. But philosophy has become professionalized and tucked away in the ivory tower of academic instruction. For ancient Greek thought, philosophy was a practical and everyday preoccupation inserting meaningfulness where despondence lurked.

These Udemy online courses are part of a project to revive the ancient Greek spirit and it is my hope that you will join me and become as passionate about philosophical discourse as I am.

As far as my credential go, I have a BA, MA and PhD in Philosophy. I have  24 years of experience teaching at the College level. Courses I have taught include, Ethics, Early Greek Philosophy, Plato and Aristotle, Existentialism and Philosophy of Education. I have experience teaching both in the traditional classroom (The American College of Greece, College Year in Athens and McGill University) and online (graduate program - Tiffin University). I also have a practice in Philosophical Counselling in Montreal where I consult both individuals and groups.

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