Angelina Souren

Multipassionate Critical Thinker * I like helping you grow *

Hi there! Nice to meet you! Thanks for stopping by and letting me tell you a bit about who I am. You can do the same when you join me in one of my courses, but please, feel free to contact me at any time. I like teaching and enjoy playing with new possibilities such as Udemy. I currently have only one course on Udemy, inspired by visual artists I have worked with. I intend to create more courses for Udemy in the future and am currently preparing the next one.

I have functioned in many different environments across a wide range of industries and non-profit organizations as well as universities. In combination with my individual take on life and a number of harsh personal experiences, this enabled me to mature into an empowered critical thinker with a strong vision. I am like water, though, strong and yielding at the same time. Often very gentle, sometimes quite pushy, but rarely overpowering.

My background spans several decades in science and technology in the Netherlands, the US and the UK. I hold advanced qualifications in earth science and marine science. I was a board member of national science-related organizations in my native the Netherlands such as the Environmental Chemistry (and Toxicology) section of the Royal Netherlands Chemical Society.

I have written on various topics in civil engineering, geochemistry, environmental chemistry and other science and technology areas. I did this for example for the US-based Geochemical Society, an international scientific society that encourages the application of chemistry to problems of a geological or cosmological nature, and for a major global engineering and high-end consultancy firm (Arcadis).

Wait, there is more. Among other things, I also spent five years in tourism and hospitality in Amsterdam and three years at a major law firm (Clifford Chance). In addition, I now have nearly two decades of experience with self-employment and small businesses from which I learned a lot as well.

One of my objectives in life is to help increase the harmony among humans on the planet as well as between humans and other animal species in our shared environments. I believe that it will make everyone happier. I also believe that this is needed to safeguard our own future on the planet. We have only 15 to 20 years in which we can still turn things around for us.

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