Dusan Grujin

App Game Developer

I'm Dusan Grujin, an App Developer that has been focused on Mobile Game Design and Mobile Game Creation for over 4 years.

Having Apps and Games Published on 3 Major App Store ( Play Store - Android, iTunes - Apple, Amazon App Store - Amazon ) help me create an App Business from job that i really love. And now i doing what i love.

If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life.

I am really passionate about teaching, and have always loved it. We also having more of our games that we have created for different platforms on different App Marketplace for other people to help them achieve their goals in App Business.

Right now I am focusing on teaching people how we make our App Business. I like routines and love feeling productive.

I spend around 50-60 hours a week working in App Business with my Team, Brainstorming, Researching App Store Top Charts Games And Apps, And Creating Games.

We always try to look at things differently and question the way things are done.

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