David Bergsland

Author, font designer, & publisher at The Skilled Workman

  • Began art & design career doing posters for my acid rock band in Minneapolis
  • Earned my BFA in printmaking & painting in 1971
  • Illustrated for publishers as soon as I was graduated
  • Became a graphic artist in 1979 in West Virginia
  • Grew into Typographer & Art Director in 1983 in Albuquerque at a large commercial printer
  • Began teaching commercial printing in 1991 in a large community college in Albuquerque
  • Started writing textbooks in 1994 beginning with “Printing In A Digital World”—the 1st textbook on the all-digital workflow for commercial printing
  • Began designing fonts to use in my books
  • Developed digital publishing degree in 1996
  • Initiated on-demand publishing house for print & ebooks in 2002—which developed into a full-time effort in 2009

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