Danielle Kelly, M.Ed., NBCT

Director, Exceptional Children Consulting & Services, LLC

Danielle Kelly has spent ten years in the field of Special Education working primarily with students on the Autism Spectrum, and those with Behavior and Emotional Disabilities. Danielle earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Liberal Studies with concentrations in US History and Criminal Justice and a Master's Degree in Cross Categorical Special Education. Danielle also holds a National Board's Certification in Special Education K-22. For over a decade she has taught students from pre-K through high school with disabilities that include Autism Spectrum Disorders, Behavioral and Emotional Disabilities, Other Health Impairments, Visual Impairments, Traumatic Brain Injury, Learning Disabilities, as well as ID-Mild and ID-Moderate cognitive ranges. She has served children with disabilities in self-contained, inclusive, resource, specialist, alternative, and home-based settings. In addition to being licensed by the state of North Carolina in Special Education K-22, Ms. Kelly also holds duel certifications in English Language Arts 6-9, and Social Studies 6-9. She has also served as Department Chair of Special Education. Ms. Kelly also holds teaching Standard Teaching licenses in the state of New Jersey in Special Education, Elementary Education, and English Language Arts with a Content Specialization in Literacy for grades 5-8. 

Throughout her career Ms. Kelly has been able to gain a unique perspective and understanding regarding children on the Autism Spectrum. Years have been dedicated to extensive research and study on this particular behavioral disorder in order to design and implement comprehensive strategies with AU students in different environments, and for specific deficit areas. This passion in the field of Special Education extends to extensive training in local and federal law, pertaining specifically to the guidelines that dictate the manner in which Individualized Education Plans are written and implemented. Study and training continues, as she teaches future and veteran teachers just how to teach children on the Autism Spectrum. Danielle has been working as an Adjunct Professor for four years, teaching undergraduate and graduate level courses. Graduate courses are specific to Autism Spectrum Disorders, and are part of the University's certificate in Autism program. The myriad of experiences with varying age groups, ability levels, and educational settings has given Danielle a comprehensive and global perspective into the necessity of truly individualizing programming for special needs students. Strategies have been designed based on empirical data and research in order to extinguish problematic behaviors and cognitive impairments in order implement replacement behaviors.

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