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Relevant education for exceptional music creators

The Songwriting Team is a music production agency and songwriting company based in Nashville serving over 200 clients in 21 different countries. We specialize in creating relevant music for our clients who range from singer-songwriters and bands to companies and TV networks.

We also have a passion for helping other independent music creators build their brand and make better music. We've proven that you can independently forge your own path in the music industry without managers, publishers, or labels and our goal is to inspire you to do the same. Our teaching style is both relatable and practical.

We can teach you what recording schools can't.

In our spare time we also run an awesome pro audio blog called "Break The Factory" which is loaded with free articles and tutorials. Our courses and articles have been featured on The Pro Audio Files, Recording Studio Rockstars Podcast, Rekkerd, Mix Notes TV, Splice, and many more trusted pro audio resources.

We hope that you enjoy our courses! You're in for a real treat.

Keep Creating!

Daniel, Christian, and Tom

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