Cody Michael Mann

Writer, Mentor, Entrepreneur

Cody is a writer, blogger and entrepreneur. He is a dreamer that envisions a world where everyone lives a life of abundance. This is only possible in a world where everyone is living their dreams. As an explorer of consciousness, Cody has gotten his feet wet in many different areas of life. He went to college for 4 years studying physics while delving deeply into many different areas of psychology and philosophy as well.

Cody has been mentored by some of the best in the field of marketing. This lead him down the path of writing and blogging. Soon after, he created his platform at The Cody Codex, which has helped him expand and see where he was supposed to take his life.

After spending the vast majority of his time working on his website, he began writing ebooks for fiverr. He created over 50 ebooks for people covering a wide range of topics, which in-turn allowed him to expand his knowledge and grow into the esteemed writer he is today.

He continued searching for the answer that he had been seeking since he was a kid, what was his purpose for being on earth? All of these things served to guide him down the path he was supposed to take, but there were so many paths he could have taken it was up to him to discover which path was actually for him. The search for his purpose lead him here to help others discover their purpose for being on earth and live their dreams. HIs dream is for everyone to live peacefully in a life of abundance. Only when all of us tap into our full potential can we all live an abundant life.

Life has taught him much and guided him through a variation of practices. After spending years perfecting the art of meditation, he has discovered that his message must be shared with others. Because after all, wisdom is only obtained through applied knowledge; so what good is wisdom if you have no one to share it with? In order to create a better world we must spend time making ourselves better before we can ever hope to help make anyone else's life better.

His aim is to help others discover their true calling and see to it that we make the world a better place than the one we came into. Knowing that we are all unique and incredible beings is important in realizing the truth, that we are limitless. We have the potential to do ANYTHING we put our minds to and for that reason Cody has continued pushing forward no matter how difficult the journey was for him. By unlocking your true potential, you now possess the ability to change the world with your God-given talents and truly make the world a better place.

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