Candia Lea Cole

Nourishing the Eco-Intelligence that invites whole living.

Candia Lea Cole is a widely celebrated author, nutritional artist and alchemist, and a holistic health educator. She is regarded in her field as "The Eco-Conscious Cook" and the "Soulful Eco-Lifestyle Mentor." As the founder of Eco-Learning Legacies, a MN. based eco-lifestyle education company, Candia Lea creates innovative education tools that support individuals and families in creating "eco-intelligent" lifestyles.

A few of her educational tools include teaching posters (Tabletop TUTORS), food games, an eco-nutrition curriculum for home schools, and an Autism resource guide. Her company's signature product is "The Bring Back the Earth! Eco-Learning Legacy & Eco-Mentor Leadership Training." This is an online certification training for women (ages 18 and up) that teaches six steps to eco-intelligent living. Through these six steps, women are supported in becoming the wise and soulful "everyday sustainable leaders" that our homes and communities are calling for in the 21st century.

Candia Lea's experience with whole foods nutrition and "eco-intelligent" living began when she was a teenager seeking answers for health challenges that had an environmental origin. When she discovered the relationship between our planetary health challenges (caused in part by the toxic, chemical production of food), and her personal health problems, she adopted an organic whole foods diet and began experimenting in her kitchen with the creation of "eco-friendly" recipes.

Candia Lea's recipes are regarded as "eco-friendly" in that, the ingredients they feature are conscious of the Earth's nutritional needs, as well as our own. If you're seeking a mentor who will make learning about good health and nutrition a creative, fun, and inspirational experience, Candia Lea is your teacher!

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