Brian Lofrumento

Internet Entrepreneur & Speaker

Brian Lofrumento has been an internet entrepreneur since the age of 18, when he founded Premiership Talk. Prem Talk grew into one of the most read soccer websites in the world, attracting millions of readers from over 200 countries around the globe. Brian built a staff of 20 writers, and used finely-tuned monetization strategies to take the website from a blog into a full-time business.

Based on his success with Prem Talk, Brian became CEO of NewGen Consultants in 2012, an internet marketing agency specializing in SEO and scalable revenue growth for small to medium sized businesses. At the helm of NewGen, Brian grew the business to six-figures in just over 12 months, utilizing a client-acquisition model that generated leads through online channels, and turned them into high-paying customers.

In his role as CEO, Brian spoke at various seminars throughout Boston and New York City, and has also spoken at non-profit conferences, and has also guest-lectured at universities.

Brian's work has been featured in the Boston Globe, the Chicago Sun-Times, England's The Independent, and Search Engine Journal.

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