Brett Wharton

iOS App Publisher

I started making entertainment apps last year in my spare time. In order to stay profitable with tiny ad-revenues, I streamlined app production through mass customization, and uncovered new ways to monetize apps.

Since September 2014, I have created over 150 apps, sold most of them to other companies, and received hundreds of positive ratings from users.

Some of my apps include Impossible: Ultimate Focus Challenge, Darts Pro: Target Shooting Challenge, Africa Photography Wallpapers, Emoji Added: Tap to Bounce, Your Basic B*tch, HipstaCam, and StupidFox.

Before pursuing my degree, I was the youngest employee at the New York digital ad agency Firstborn. Firstborn has been recognized by publications like Fast Company, which named it one of the 50 Most Innovative Companies (along with Facebook, Amazon, and Nike) and Mashable, which named it one of the Top 5 Innovative Digital Marketing Agencies.

I am currently finishing my BA in Marketing at Boise State University, and making over $100/day with apps I produce on the side. I've pursued unique strategies that no one else online is talking about, and developed original source codes. My codes are easy for developers to reskin, and super intuitive for users.

While I prepare to move on to new projects, I decided to share my unique IP to monetize what I've learned and built, and help others get an easier start making apps than what I had.

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