Braden Thompson

Writer, Editor, MSC, Korean Speaker

Hello, I'm Braden Thompson! I am passionate about learning and equally as passionate about sharing what I have learned with others. I began my study of Korean in 2007 and spent two years living in and around 서을 (Seoul). During that time I was completely dedicated to learning the culture and mastering the Korean language. I became fluent within a year as I continued to deepen my understanding of vocabulary and colloquial speech. As a white guy, I may not have native pronunciation, but I do understand some of the best ways to master Korean. I was once in your shoes, and I know exactly what it takes to master the language from the ground up.

As a participant in my courses, you have access to everything I've learned. If there are additional resources needed to help a specific participant, I will strive to produce those within 24 hours. This is how I intend to continually tweak and improve course quality to best suit everyone enrolled. I look forward to working with you!

For those who want to know a little more about my personal life, I recently graduated with a master's in strategic communication. I love writing, reading non-fiction, relaxing in my hammock, golfing, and having open conversations with strangers. I also strive to use a lot of my personal time helping others, so Udemy is a wonderful complement to my lifestyle.

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