Bogdan G. Ilie

Strategic Marketing and Internet Marketing Specialist

I'm Truly Blessed!

I've been fortunate enough in my life to find the right mentors and to have been learned from some of the leading figures in the entrepreneurial, marketing, online marketing and personal development world.

I have been lucky to be touched by those people and everything I have learned, since 1996, I'll bring into our relationship in order to increase you profits.

My mission at Strategic Business Profits (my business) is really very straight forward: “To help you make money." I'll do this by providing you with immediate and actionable marketing and online marketing strategies that you can use immediately to grow your business and make profit beyond anything you ever expected, or even hoped.

My big “WHY" in business, what really drives me is a burning desire to help business owners make more money and grow them business.

I'm looking forward to meet with you.

Let's grow your business together Because Together we are strong!

To Your Paramount Success in Business.

Bogdan G. Ilie

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