Brother Bob Minelli

Success Coach

"Brother Bob, your coaching has been such a great help to me! You made it simple and I think you are a really great guy. Thank you!" - This kind of feedback is wonderful. It's gratifying and inspiring and I hope to inspire you here as well.

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I'm Bob. My friends call me "Brother Bob" feel free to call yourself at this time a friend. I'm sure you'll find many "nuggets" of great information you can use to get the results that you've been possibly wanting and working very hard towards. (maybe for some time now?)

So WHY would already 2,000+ students enroll in my Udemy course?

  1. Everything I teach is coming from the heart with honesty and experience.
  2. My course will give you the ability to uncover the strongest version of yourself.
  3. You'll find my teaching methods to be simple, easy and implementable.
  4. The way in which I convey my ideas and speak is well received and appreciated.

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