Billy McDaniel

Indie Video Game Developer

I started on my creative journey over 30 years ago as a musician. Through the decades, I have picked up a wide variety of skills, with over 20 years as an accomplished website developer, programmer, graphics artist, journalist, published author, video game developer, 3D modeler and animator!

I have done lots of work for a wide variety of business over the years. I've earned a living as a website developer, graphics artist, photographer, journalist, musician, 3D modeling and animation. In recent years, I have taken to Unity for game development with three games published on Steam in my first year. I'm very excited to be a full time game developer, and equally pleased to pass down some of my knowledge to you!

My friends describe me as a highly driven individual with a wide range of skills, capable of doing anything. I describe myself as curious, intuitive, sincere and above all.. honest.

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