Benjamin Schwarz

First Dating Expert (for Men) in a happy relationship

                                  Every man deserves to experience love.

I was that typical nice guy: Either unnoticed by girls or their best friend...just never their boyfriend.

After the third time hearing: "let's just be friends", I've had enough.

I wanted to change something. So I made contact with the "Pick Up Community" (the guys that make it a science to seduce girls).

I've spent years studying Pick Up techniques so that I could become the next Casanova...

None of these Pick Up techniques worked out for me

They turned me into something I didn't want to be. As a result, I met the wrong women.

Meeting the wrong women is dangerous. I once dated that girl who almost drove me into criminal circles, if I hadn't pulled the break soon enough...

I knew techniques alone wouldn't do the job for meeting the right women. So I tackled the real problem in my dating life: My weak and insecure personality.

With the help of experts, I have worked on myself, my social skills and my personality. 

Suddenly, awesome ladies would turn their heads after me..without me even doing anything special :). 

Ultimately, I have had the greatest success in my love life: I was ready for a woman different from all the others. 

She is beautiful, kind and she laughs about my stupid jokes :). Even better, she tends to forget these jokes after a while so I can tell them over and over again! :D

Today, years later, I am helping men who are like me back then: Nice, smart and pretty much awesome, but struggling with being considered as a potential partner by the women they desire. 


Because every man deserves to experience love.

And sometimes You just need a little guidance to turn Yourself into a man who is able to attract, seduce and keep the woman, You desire.

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