Ben Murray

Certified ESL Language Instructor | CEO of Everest English


I am an English as a Second Language (ESL) instructor with a strong desire to help the world learn real, everyday, useful English online. This is why I created Everest English Online. I want to help you reach new heights in your English language learning! I am confident that I can guide you to become better at English quickly.

With my accredited and internationally recognized TEFL/TESOL Certification from the International TEFL Academy, ten years of public speaking experience in small to large meetings, 200+ collective hours of teaching time, Certificate in Teaching Business English, and four year Bachelor's degree, I believe I am more than qualified to help you learn English.

I strive to produce the highest quality content for all my students. My goal is to make the best ESL learning content. I would love to become your instructor. I absolutely love to help people of any age and of any nationality meet their learning goals. If you take one of my courses, I am sure you will notice right away how I desire to help you more than anything.

Please thoughtfully consider taking one of my courses today! I am driven to always keep my courses affordable and at the highest quality.

I really hope to meet you soon!


Ben | CEO Everest English Online

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