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Not Your Daughter's Yoga

Barbara Pearce is fiercely committed to guiding the “less flexible” to achieve comfort in their bodies and an overall sense of well being in their minds and spirits so that they can move through life with more enjoyment.

If you’re looking for a proven professional yoga teacher who can guide you to address aching joints, anxiety, and fatigue you’ve come to the right place.  Since 2004 Barbara has worked with amazing clients who had similar worries and concerns and she guided them to achieve remarkable success.  Her mission, and commitment, is to bring people a state a peace and well being in their bodies and minds.

The yogic journey that she’s on has brought her a profound sense of peace in her mind, body and soul.  She knew she wanted to help other people feel the same sense of being grounded, safe and at peace.

Clients say remarkable things about the impact her work has on their life.  


Barbara Goffman’s Story:

For over one year, I have been suffering with pain in my knee and my leg due to a severe case of Osteoarthritis. I had tried medication, injections, exercise, etc.

At the time when “Prime Time” offered Yoga for 50+, this was the furthest thing from my plans for the upcoming year. My daughter and her girlfriends had been doing Yoga and when I said that perhaps I should give it a try, my daughter did not believe that I would enjoy Yoga on a weekly basis.

Going to Yoga class every Tuesday evening was the highlight of the week for me. Not only did I enjoy our dedicated Yoga instructor, Barbara Pearce, but I felt so relaxed and happy at the end of each class. Barbara’s encouragement and understanding of my pain level, helped me to persevere and continue to try hard. It was not always easy, especially on the days when the pain was overtaking my body. However, I knew that attending the Yoga classes would make me feel better, and it certainly did!

I look forward to another session of Yoga classes with Barbara after the summer months. I now understand that age does not have any bearing on how much a person derives from her classes. Barbara is always prepared to cater to our needs.

Thank you, Barbara!!

Kristina Campeau’s Story:

After being diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease, and trying every avenue in search for pain relief, I was introduced to Reiki. Because of the chronic pain I had developed severe anxiety, addiction and major depression. I had lost all hope, and could not see the light at the end of the tunnel. Barbara made me feel comfortable from the beginning- that’s an understatement. As soon as I started the Reiki sessions I felt something shift inside of me. I came to Barbara in mental, physical, and spiritual pain. I felt broken and I wanted to die. During the Reiki sessions I’d relax, but more than that I’d feel as though all my pain and suffering was validated and taken care of. It allowed me to release so much stress and tension that I had been carrying for years. I not only learnt a lot about myself through Reiki but I experienced tremendous pain relief. Barbara is amazing, a miracle in my life! She knew where I was experiencing pain well before I’d tell her. She would let the energy flow through me and do it’s healing. Reiki is very gentle, yet powerful and always knows what you need. I can honestly say that having Reiki with Barbara gave me hope and the courage to get through another day. Thanks to Barbara and the Reiki I began to have better sleep patterns, I felt rested, my chronic pain was more manageable, my anxiety levels decreased, I began to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I felt as though I was given the strength to live again! I have never met such a kind and caring person until I met Barbara. She was so dedicated to my wellness that she even came to perform Reiki on me while I was in the hospital. I have complete trust in Barbara and benefit tremendously as a person simply by knowing her. I think that Reiki is an experience that you truly have to undergo to fully understand its benefits. I will forever be grateful for your dedication to help- for the power and the love I received. Thank you, I don’t know where I’d be if it wasn’t for your healing during that dark time in my life.

So the next time you doubt the power of Reiki, even just a little, think about my story and how it has saved my life.

Not only did Barbara help with Reiki, I also took her yoga Nidra classes. The classes helped me relax and cope with my anxiety. Because of the deep relaxation I also felt a lot of pain relief with regards to my back because of this class. Barbara was always extremely accommodating and considerate of my physical limitations. I always felt really good leaving her classes; so much that I bought her personal yoga Nidra CD. I began listening to the CD whenever I was experiencing stress or discomfort in my day to day life. This has been an extremely helpful and essential tool on my journey of recovery. I fell asleep countless nights listening to her Yoga nidra CD. Thank you very much for everything that you have done to help me Barbara, I sincerely appreciate it.

A more than satisfied client,



Similar benefits await when you decide to invite her to serve in the powerful ways that she can to support your success.

What Barbara has to say…..

What lights me up about this work is serving others in a way that improves their lives.  I have a personality that likes to serve.  I worked for years as an administrative assistant and it was my pleasure to make people’s lives more organized and smooth.  Now I have the pleasure to work with people who are seeking to feel better, both physically and emotionally,  and no one is more delighted than me when people start to feel that way.

What sets me apart from other yoga teachers is that I really meet people where they are on the yoga mat on any given day and I’m committed to bringing them the best yoga for their bodies.  Because of that I work predominantly with people who are flexibly challenged, including people in wheel chairs.  I work with people who have debilitating illnesses, people who are recovering from an illness, the elderly, and people who are healthy but inflexible.  I’m trained in several different modalities of yoga and I can use those different styles to customize a class that works for anyone.

Some things about me that you might not know:

I love a yoga practice that allows me to feel into the postures and truly enjoy the experience – as opposed to rushing through it.   I enjoy the sensation of feeling deeply relaxed, grounded and refreshed.

Off the mat I love beautiful surroundings both in my home and in nature, music that makes my heart soar and gives me goose bumps and the smell of a home cooked meal. I love to cook – and by association I love to eat.  I’m a green tea enthusiast.  I enjoy reading and being transported to another place.  I’m an avid student  – and it’s my pleasure to share what I learn with others.

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