Anthony Peters

Wellbeing Specialist

Anthony has been working in the field of personal development and wellbeing for almost two decades. During this time he has massed a wealth of knowledge through academic studies and experience. Amongst other qualifications Anthony holds a Masters Degree in Public Health and a Diploma in Positive Psychology. He has carried out scientific research into the relationship between beliefs and prediction of future health and is a published author.

"Having an academic background alongside an open and inquisitive mind, I have spent years dedicated to finding the scientific evidence in support of Eastern philosophical and spiritual claims. This enjoyable and fascinating quest has led me to discover that, as it turns out, I am have not been alone in this search and that science and spirituality are fast becoming allies. No longer do we have to rely on blind faith to help answer some of the fundamental questions in life. 

There is a growing body of publish research which suggests that there is much more to our existence and our perception of reality then we could have imagined and we, in fact, are not impassive by-standers in life but co-creators. The positive implications of these findings for our own life and health - as well as everyone on the planet - is nothing short of profound.

This is what I aim to teach others in my own small way. I hope that what I do may nudge the doors of our mind open and allow a new peaceful and much happier perspective to life"

Best Wishes, Anthony

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