Annette Radvansky

Author/Speaker Health/Fitness/Wellness/Nutrition

Annette has been a Certified Personal Trainer through NASM since 1994, and a Certified Wellness and Nutrition Counselor through AFPA. Before that, she had a weight problem (200#) and successfully lost and has maintained her weight since 1983. After losing her weight, she saw a women's fitness competition and was inspired by those fit bodies in bikinis looked on stage. She competed in no fewer than 11 fitness competitions on the local, regional and national level, some nationally televised. Her experience with her own weight loss and the process of "dieting down" for competitions led her in to helping others who wanted to do the same.

Annette's profession has developed into a love for seniors, working with seniors and training seniors. It is through this inspiration that her premier course was produced.

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