Angeliki G. Arvaniti

Expansion Method Head Coach

Angeliki Arvaniti is a Certified Expansion Method Therapist and Coach since 2011. Being a Flight Attendant for over 15 years, she got acquainted with many cultures and thousands of people that broadened her thinking even more and made her realize that indeed “All we need is Love". She graduated from the Hellenic Open University last year, after studying the Greek Arts, Philosophy and Literature.

She has been researching, studying, training and completing personal development, Alternative and Complementary Therapy Courses since the age of 15. She is a Master Reiki Therapist, Channeller, Energy Healer, Holistic Therapist, Teacher and eternal student! She has always had a deep understanding of the human pain and have always had the vision to facilitate others in their life's journey. From a very young age she has believed that the world's greatest teachings and teachers gave us extraordinary tools to overcome any personal burden, fear or dysfunction and that by mastering the arts that were already available, we could be our own teachers and THAT could lead us to a happy and healed life. Her deepest belief was and still is that “We create everything, we can evolve into our dream self!"

By taking the Retake Your Power Courses and completing the Expansion Method in 2009, everything fell into place. After years of practicing and developing her own personal 'scent' in the method, she is now Retake Your Power's Head Therapist and Head of Education and is dedicating her life into showing the world a way to love, freedom, happiness and abundance, a way to inner calm and fulfillment.

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