Andreea Stör

International Floral Designer and Teacher

Business is an art and floristry is a way of living!

My mission is to add value to florists and other entrepreneurs from creative industries, by offering them the necessary solutions to improve their life and to live it in a satisfying way. Having started in the family business when I was really young and being raised in an entrepreneurial family, having my mom serve as a model, I followed the path for another 20 years working in the business sector. In 2013, from the heart of Transylvania, with nothing more at hand, but a dream supported by passion and ambition, I managed to influence florists from various places and work together with some of the most influential florists around the world. I do this through my total dedication and respect towards the florists’ way of living.

Through the floral design and business education company that I founded, my team and I, are hosting world renown names in floral design. We focus on progress and transform the educational process in an experience engaging all five senses.

Attending my special programs and events, you will learn about business and master floral design techniques, taught by myself and other renown international guests. I am the living proof that business rules can be very creative and can be applied in floristry because, like you, I have to juggle with my designer personality, my love for marketing and my passion as an entrepreneur.

My commitment to you, is to present the most real and sincere version of the things I learn and live myself in this savory world. I help people to dream by offering them inspiration and solutions that can be applied daily. For reaching personal success at its entire potential, I believe one must fully dedicate themselves to the world of passion. This includes your personality, your knowledge, your spiritual essence and most importantly, your creativity.

Business is an art and floristry is a way of living, savour every moment!

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