John Avitia

M.B.A., Certified Executive Coach, Speaker & Trainer,

John's leadership has opened doors for individuals, entrepreneurs, and fortune 500 companies in the last 20 years. In his career, he has passionately worked in inside/outside sales, operations, management, and marketing roles with a track record of delivering high profits efficiently and effectively. Ongoing personal and professional development has allowed John help others produce high ROI by revitalizing dormant sales into successful profit centers.

High energy and hard work has resulted in numerous awards and accolades for project management, performance, and leadership development. With 17+ years of working with corporations in multiple regions across the U.S., you can have confidence of working with someone who can adapt to your business needs.

In 2014, John joined the John Maxwell Group and became a certified Coach, Trainer, and Speaker; The skills acquired allow John to empower others by using exclusive proven leadership techniques. In 2016 he was introduced to GKIC which led to a certification in GKIC Mexico helping entrepreneurs multiply their business. Upon writing his own book, John is now helping individuals publish their books and position differentiate themselves from the competition. John’s enthusiasm for leadership development has led to him consulting business owners with marketing, growth support, mastermind groups, and business scaling. John’s clients experience motivation, inspiration and strategy planning resulting in positive ROI. 

John can speak/teach on Leadership, Marketing, Sales, Interviewing, Resume, Self-Promotion, and Inspiration.

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