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Sue Peckham

UK Expert in how to lose weight using hypnosis and mindfulness. 

Co-Creator of the ’12 Weeks to Wow!’ series of weight loss apps and podcasts.

Director at Hampshire Hypnotherapy Centre Ltd and Happy Apps Company Ltd

 As someone who experienced being overweight and unhappy for several years I am no stranger to the challenges faced by people who want to lose weight.

After qualifying as a Hypnotherapist and Hypnoanalyst and setting up the Hampshire Hypnotherapy Centre in 2003 with my business partner James Holmes, I decided that I could not offer to help people to lose weight using hypnotherapy until I had done it myself. 

In the 9 months following the opening of our hypnotherapy centre, James and I created the first programme in what is now known as the ‘Sue and James 12 Weeks to Wow!’ series of weight loss programmes.  As a result, I lost 3 ½ stone in weight and dropped from a size 16 to a size 10 in dress size.  Today, 14 years later, I am still a size 10 and I have helped thousands of people to lose weight with the straight forward, easy to follow weight loss programmes that James and I have created.

As demand for our help with weight loss at our centre grew we decided that we needed to find a way for many more people to be able to access our programmes. As a result we created the first of our many, highly effective apps to help with weight loss and have currently achieved over 650,000 downloads of our range of apps which include ‘Virtual Gastric Band – Lose Weight Fast!’, ‘Bikini Body System’ and ‘Little Black Dress, Weight Loss System.

James and I have now helped more than half a million people from all over the world to lose weight, stop smoking, overcome anxiety and much more with our life changing programmes either face to face in our practice or through our series of best-selling apps.

As one of the UK’s leading experts on how to lose weight using hypnosis and mindfulness, I believe that anyone can lose weight if they are helped to change their mind set and change their limiting beliefs in the right way.

Our range of services and support includes one to one sessions, our range of apps, the ‘Sue and James 12 Weeks to Wow’ Podcast Show and our 24,500 strong support group on Facebook. 

I am so proud that many of our successful weight loss clients and app users have been featured in National and online newspapers and magazines and we’ve been featured on C4’s “How to Lose Weight Well”.


James Holmes

Leading Expert on Losing Weight and Smoking Cessation using Mindfulness and Hypnosis

Co-creator of the ’12 Weeks to Wow’ Weight Loss Programme  

CEO of the Holmes-Peckham Group. 

I am the co-creator of the world renowned range of ’12 Weeks to Wow!’ series of hypnotherapy apps. Downloads of our range of best-selling apps is now fast approaching 1 million.  We also offer help and support through one to one sessions at our practice in Hampshire as well as online support through our popular groups on social media.

I qualified as a hypnotherapist and hypnoanalyst in 2003 after leaving a career in teaching, during which time I received an award from Her Majesty the Queen for services to education.  Since opening the Hampshire Hypnotherapy Centre with my business partner, Sue Peckham, we have helped more than 500,000 people to overcome anxiety, fears, phobias, addictions and stress as well as to lose weight and stop smoking with our life changing programmes and apps including our ‘Virtual Gastric Band – Lose Weight Fast!’, ‘Stop Smoking in Two Weeks with Hypnosis’ and ‘Chill Pill’ apps.

I believe that overcoming a debilitating illness myself using mindfulness and hypnosis makes me uniquely qualified to help and guide others to do the same using the power of their own minds.

I am proud of my reputation as one of the UKs top Stop Smoking experts as well as for being the co-creator of the massively successful ’12 Weeks to Wow!’ series of weight loss apps and programmes.  Our ’12 Weeks to Wow’ apps provide a low cost yet extremely high value solution to losing weight without dieting and we have achieved #1 position in several app charts.   I design all of our apps myself. I am also responsible for all the editing and post production work on all the audio in our apps. Another unique feature of our apps is that, having composed the music for several internationally performed musicals and achieved 2 #1s on iTunes charts, my compositions are featured in all of our apps.  I am also responsible for the recording and post production of all of our ‘Sue and James 12 Weeks to Wow podcast shows.

Our weight loss programmes have been featured on the popular Channel 4 show, ‘How to Lose Weight Well’.  Many of our successful weight loss clients and app users have been featured in newspapers and magazines as well as on several local radio stations.

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