The Beauty Of Clarity

Shani Raja
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Writing With Flair: How To Become An Exceptional Writer

Ex-Wall Street Journal Editor Teaches How To Write With Confidence, Style & Impact

06:50:26 of on-demand video • Updated August 2021

  • You will receive a Writing With Flair Certificate of Completion after finishing the course.
  • You will learn how to write well from an ex-Wall Street Journal editor.
  • You will discover the "secret sauce" of exceptional writing.
  • You will learn how to make your writing more simple, clear, elegant and evocative.
  • You will learn how to cultivate the unique mindset of an "elite" writer.
  • You will learn how to become a more confident, competent and sophisticated writer.
  • You will discover how to add style to your blogs, books and business writing.
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