Install Docker on Linux

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How to install DOCKER on LINUX

Lecture description

Today we will learn : How to install Docker on Linux ?

Connect to Linux
Install Docker
Start Docker
Stop Docker
Uninstall Docker

OS should be 64 bit
Linux kernel ver 3.10 or greater

command to check : uname -r

STEP 1 - Connect to Linux system

STEP 2 - Install DOCKER
sudo yum -y update
sudo yum install -y docker

docker --version

STEP 3 - start DOCKER
sudo service docker start
sudo usermod -a -G docker "user"

docker info

docker run hello-world : to run hello-world image

docker images : to get list of images present locally

docker ps : to get list of running containers

docker ps -a .  : to get list of all containers

STEP 4 - stop DOCKER
sudo service docker stop
uninstall DOCKER
sudo yum remove docker

You can visit - https://get.docker.com/
for more installation related help

To install docker from binaries

Installation steps for amazon ec2


Linux free instance - https://aws.amazon.com/free/

Docker Manuals - https://docs.docker.com/manuals/




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English [Auto]
Welcome to this session on Daco I'm Rakove and you're going to learn how to install Daco on Linux. And as all this very basic step by step toward the end of this session we will also look at some useful tips in this session we will look at the requisites and then we will connect to our next instance and then we will see how to install Daco Stardock or stop Daco And finally how to install Daco. So let's get started. And I'm assuming that most of you watching this you must be having some day nix system with you in case you do not have it and you wondered where Hensen you can get to the next instance from Amazon. It's up to us. So you can go to your browser and see it up to us free to your and you will get this link. It will start Amazon Dot Com free. And here you can create a free account and then you can get a free Linux instance so you can go to the site. And in three basic steps you can get started and you can get a Linux system for hand-sewn. Just make sure that you remain within the three limits so that you do not get charged for it. I also will be using Amazon Linux instance and my instances here. I will be connecting to this Linux instance and then the pizza because it's not your Linux operating system must be 64 bit. So let's get started with. Step number one which is connect with your Linux instance. So let me go to my Amazon console. And click here and say connect. So let me just copy this and go to my terminal. And connect to my Linux instance. So no I'm inside my Linux machine. Also as part of PreCheck is it you can't run the command you name mine this art and this will give you information about your operating system so you can see I have 64 bit operating system. Also you can see the kernel version I have is 4.9. So it will be useful if you have your current version above 3.1 0. Also you can go to your browser and say document this and you will get this link for it. Document it. Go here. And here you will get all the information related to installing docket on any of these operating systems so you can go to doc for Linux. And here you can find all the different distributions of the next. Now I'm showing you this link because I will be doing this installation on Amazon AWOS machine. So in case you are using any other distribution of Linux you can get your corresponding commands from here. So now second step is we have to install Daco and we will use the command sudo yum minus VI update to update all the packages and then we able to use sudo yum install minus white Daco. So let me go to my next GM minus Y update and it will update all the packages and then we have to see sudo installed minus. Dr.. So this will install Daka on your Linux system. So now the installation is complete. I've cleared the console. Now you can type the command Daco and you will get all these options or commands. So in case you are getting this MS docket is installed. You can also now type Daco space hyphenates fanboy agent. This will give you the version of Dockett installed and you can also see docket info. So here our docket is not yet running so far we're getting this message. So our next step should be to start talking and the command is to do so. Daka start. So I will see sudo service and Daka start and you can see doctoress started and now I can run the command docket in full end you will get all the information about the docket on your system. Let me clear the slogan now you can add your user to the Daco group. So for example in my user it's easy to user so that I do not have to use sudo in front of every document. So if I know then this command has to do user mode minus a minus you talk good and you use a name but you will have to do your logon to make this come into effect. So as of now I'm not real logon to my system. Also make sure here you will give your user that is locked in. In my case they use any Miss SC too so you can replace it accordingly. And no because Doctor is up and running now we can run some Daco. So I've said all good images this will list all the images. So as of now there is no image so I'm not getting. You can also see a doctor. Yes and it will list out that contain this. You can see a doctor yes minus Stoke all contain That's what as of now there are no containers. You are not getting anything. And then to run them as you can see Dr. John. And imagine them saw one they made just that I can donees Hello world. Now this image is not present on my system. So ideally doctors should get this image from Daco hub which is online Dr. depositary and then they match and then it will start to contain that. So let me click and go and you can see here it says that unable to find a. Hello world. Latest locally. So is pulling it from the library which is Daco hub police complete. And now you will get this message. Hello from Darco. This message shows that the installation appears to be working. And now if I had done the command doctored images I'm getting this world image. This is the image ID and also a foreign doco. P.S. are Iran Daco. Yes. Minus a it will list out the container so you can see discreate at 37 seconds so go. So now you stopped OK you can use to commence hoodoos overstock or stop Sulit mutandis. And now you can see our doctors stopped. The next days. You can also unstarted aka using the command pseudogene removed Tocco. So let me use this and now you can see you can say yes. And Daka on the starless completed. So now I will say Daco I will not get any comments and it is saying no such file or directory. So this is how you get started with Daco on Unix. Let's look at some useful tips so you can visit this site get Daco dot com in case you need any help documents so let us cohered. So here you can see there are some comments and some information that you might find useful while you were working with Dr on your Linux system. Also you can install Daco from binaries on this site Dachs dot dot dot com ingenues trollish and buy in the DC so you can t you can install Daco from binaries and given all the information. I will also make all the sites available in the description of this Vudu and also you can go to this site to see step by step instructions on starting Dr on Amazon SC to see if I go here. So I've make all this links available so you can see the site. They have given Step-By-Step comments to install Daco So this would be very handy and useful for you. I hope this was useful. Please send me your feedback in the comments in the next session. Thanks so much.