Back End vs. Front End Development

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Front end development is all of the stuff that makes the website look and feel GOOD! 

Stuff like HTML CSS and Javascript. 

Since HTML isnt that sexy by itself-- CSS helps with changing font size, color, and more 

HTML5 and CSS5 are the newest viersions of HTML and CSS -- You will learn about both of these extensively in our course. 

Now, you could do all of this yourself but there are frameworks like bootstrap which can help you get a website up and running really fast. We cover bootstrap extensively in our course and show you bootstrap3 and bootstrap4. 

Back end development is  responsible for things like calculations, business logic, database interactions, and performance. Most of the code that is required to make an application work will be done on the backend. Backend code is run on the server, as opposed to the client.

SQL and Wordpress are the most popular for back end development.

Wordpress uses PHP but offers you almost everything you would need to make a simple website right out of the box. 

We have a whole section on how to use wordpress and MySQL in this course as well. 

We look forward to teaching you everything you need to know about web development, and we will see you in our next video. 

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English [Auto] Hello everybody. So guys in this class we're just talking about the very very important thing called the front end of the pen and the back in development. We just need both of them. We just need to know both of them. Exactly. In schools in this course we're talking about the big Coe's the big massive cause of the gap. The complete web development course we're just talking about. Both of these things. OK. The first one is the front in development and the second one is back in development so the difference between them is actually the front end development is actually the way we are. We just talked about will we just work about what the client watches. For example go to the Web site. I'm just opening the website of dot com it's one of my projects. You can see that in this product if I just talk about if I'm if I'm just a front end developer I suppose I'm a friend and developer So what I'm just focusing in its website that wow this DeMeo a link this Twitter and this Facebook link is actually placed in a perfect place. Wow. What the color the color should be orange. OK the logo is placed on a perfect place. It's actually it actually has around the you can see that more than 50 pixels margin from left. And wow the this is a complete header. And also you can see that the complete Hayter has the same space as from the from the left and from the right. Wow. This is actually depends on the front end of the back end developer doesn't know about these things. Front end of paper knows that. Wow. The Web site Hayter is actually perfectly placed here. The These two videos has the same space from the right and from the left purrfect and the back sizing is actually Bickle exactly perfect. Now you can see that the there you can see that the newest taps text which is actually perfectly placed and has the perfect difference and a perfect margin from the bottom and the top. OK. And then you can see that the image this image is actually placed in a perfect place. You can see that. It's not crossing the limit its head is not cutting it's actually completely placed in. Just see the text after this image and see the space or the margin between these the image and the text. So be all these things are actually called the front end. Now what is the back end. Call the Whenever anyone opens the website. What should be displayed the front page or the I'm inside the home page or any other page. Secondly how the search engine work how the when and when clicked on the upload video and what it will do what this button will do and how it will function lives. OK. Now how this image is about to change that I just click here and I can see that it's changing or fading in style and in the same event and then clicks on a dip in the video then what should happen. It should be redirected to any page as you can see that it has been developed and now here the difference in available watch is that how it's looking and the back end of a watch is that what it's actually what program is running here and how the image should be and the video should be buffered how long to unbuffered and how it shows and how the player display should work and which content should be shown here. OK the friend isn't available only decides the size only decides the way and only decides how big the image size should be in the back individual focuses on what content should be shown there on which basis. OK. Now for example this thing you can see that the trend in available designs designed its orange color that it should be it should look like orange and the size of these cars the rating system the sizes and other things like it you can see that it's round in corners from the left side and from the right side it's just quite a ways. But the back end of a lever actually sees or works on the views counting that it's 2 1 0. OK so it just this value brain brought up by the back end of Alabama. OK. Now you can see that all these things I think it is an honest read all about the back end and the front end of the pump that you can see that this area is its size designed by the front end of the pump and how it will work when anyone submits any coding. Any comments on how the Post button will work. It depends on the back end of OK. Now I just need to log in and I'm not going to log into this website I just wanna show you the thing exactly the log and you can see that it's the DBO things the textarea as the actually you know the inputs and this button is actually in the center of this screen. But how or women and men honest. Logan Batten's it depends on the back in development. So I think it is similar to all about the back and then the friend in development. So we will talk about some more things in the next class and we'll just continue this topic by adding some more topics and you will be getting more experience in working in it about what we are talking different in developing and the back and of other men. We'll be talking about both things if I just show you the correspondent for now you me that. You can see that a lot of things here are like the setting up and the way it goes. And then you can see that the learning is Steimle and DC-DC. So we'll talk about these things later on. So stay tuned and goodbye.