Facebook ads tutorial: How to promote your courses via Facebook ads

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Facebook ads tutorial: How to promote your courses via Facebook ads

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This is part #1 of this complete Udemy courses marketing chapter, We will now cover how you can promote your courses properly and gain thousand of students in the process. 

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Welcome to this video in this video I will show you how to sell a course in only one country or one certain region. So what we want to do is first of all want to go on you mean. And then we want to basically click on instructor and we want to look for one course. So which kind of course we like to sell. Well we want to sell a course that is not applicable to everyone worldwide. We only want to sell to a certain area. So what I want to do with you is I want to look for a German course. So for instance this one right here and I see All right the ratings are not very good. Not too many people enrolled. How can I get people to buy this course. So what we can do of course we can sell this course via Facebook. And we want to set this course for let's say $10. So we go down here click on price and coupons and now we want to create a coupon. So let's actually call this coupon and 10 USD coupon and we want to sell the coupon of course for ten dollars. Number of coupons let's say 100. And we want to set actually this time a deadline and we say well we are only going to sell them till the 30th of November. So that is basically I think 18 days. Now let's click on Create coupon and we already now created this coupon we'd click on get the link and we copy this link and we are going to put it in the Facebook Ad. So we now copy this link and we are going to go over here and we're going to go down to let's say. Well of course mintage ads and we want to create a so-called traffic light. So let's go into our account and click on create ads which can be found over here and the right and now we want to create our own first traffic ad so we click on traffic and let's scroll down and actually agree on do down here. Let's call this one traffic German course. Click on continue. And now we can start creating our ad and we're going to show you this time is not how to go with worldwide. I want to show you how to only say Tekel a certain area we want to only target one very small area. So we want to create a new audience and we want to create a so-called custom audience so we click down here on locations and we want to only include people in the area of Germany or actually let's go even with a regional based course that's only look for people from Berlin. So we type in Berlin and now we have to differentiate between these different let's say places inside Berlin. We're going to take the entire state. Are you going to take the city which is in Germany the same thing the state and the city are the same then the T.M.. Are we going to take a very small part. This is like a suburb. Are we going to take only the outpoured. Are we going to take this place or this place or this place what to do with you is I only want to take this place down here. So this place is called Atlas of Berlin Germany. Why am I taking this place. Because in orderless Whorf there is a lot of technology. There are many people who build startups and when we think back what is our course about it is about start up pitching. So it's all about basically pitching your startup idea. So we want to add this and we want to go with lots of Berlin Germany. So a very very small region as you can see. This is Berlin and Atlas Hall is a very very small part inside of Berlin. So basically this is kind of like the state. And in that state we got our Lahore's our law school which is a very small part down here. Let's actually make the radius much smaller. Let's bring it down to only 10 kilometers. Let's see if we can make it even smaller let's go with a radius of 8 kilometers. It doesn't work we can only take 10 miles as the absolute minimum. But still it's a very very small place. Then we want to check the age want to go from let's say 20 to 30 so you're only targeting this to people who are most likely to build their first start up and then we click on languages and this time we only want to take German and then down here are details targeting. We now can change demographics or something like that. Let's actually look for people who are interested in start ups so start up company lean start up start up academies start up education started to come see the accelerator. This might be interesting actually let's go with seed accelerator because an accelerator is basically a place where people can build up their own start up but most of the people need to apply for a seat accelerate in order to be accepted and for that they need to pitch their start up. So we go with seat accelerator people in that area who are interested in see the accelerate. We only have 110 to 200 80 people so we are extremely extremely detailed. We are only targeting very few people. And I think in this case actually this is a good thing. So now let's scroll down and we want to edit placements and we only want to take the cheap placements so we only go with feet's because that is also the most likely place people are going to use and or to well click on our course. So let's scroll down let's take all of that out and then down here we want to invest let's say 10 Euros per day which is like 12 dollars. And as we can see we can reach around 56 to 100 40 people a day. That is not a lot but if you think about these people are interested in seed funds they live in an area where there are a lot of seed funds and a lot of upcoming startups and they are young. They are from 22:30 and they speak German. They can basically enroll in this course and get everything that I was saying. So really this is an extremely detailed targeting. Now we want to click on continue and what we now want to do is you want to create the ad. So what we can do is we can actually take a single video and that is what I want to do with you actually in the next video. But for now what we want to do with this ad is we want to create a single image. And so now what I want to do with you is I want to go on Google and I want to look with you for a photo that is related to start up pitching now which kind of photos are we allowed to use. We can only use photos which are allowed to use for commercial use. So my advice to you is check out these two platforms because we don't want to do anything that is illegal. So we want to go to two platforms where you can get free commercially usable phone photos basically these are two platforms that offer these photos. And on the first one picks of a you can look for photos you can look for. Basically everything is actually changing language very quickly right here. Let's change the language to English so you can understand everything as well. There we go. And now we want to type in let's say start up and let's see whether we can find some good photos that could be related actually like this one like infographics or for instance the stock photos look very nice as well. So actually let's go with this graphic right here. I think this one doesn't look too bad. Let's save this one. Startup info graphic. This actually isn't the info graphic. That's an illustration. And now let's go on an splash and have a look for start up. Maybe we can find something better. Actually I think this one is perhaps even better. I think this one looks quite nice. Let's see is there any other photo that perhaps could even be better. Let's go with something else let's go with perhaps speaking maybe we can find photos about that yes we actually can. I'm not sure which one you want to choose but I think we are going to go with something that is related to speaking. Let's actually go with this one because this really seems to be related to speaking someone presenting something. So what I want you to do is I want you to click on download free the new tap will open and it will boot will be downloaded automatically. So now this is the photo. And let's see if this one downloads as start up pitching photo. And we now want to go back to our ads. So let's go back into our ads and let's start creating our at so we now want to take a single image edge and then down here we want to upload images. So we now look for a start up because we have to start pitching. Let's actually go with which one I think we just chose chose one with this one and it isn't too bad either. Let's see this one is good as well because I don't want to look for the phone right now. Takes like ages to find it. So let's go with this one. This one perhaps even is also quite good. So let's upload this one. And now I would want to do. Remember we took the link the couponing from here and we want to put it into our ads Menger the same thing as we did in the last video. We want to plug it in here and now we have the link that will lead to our course. Now let's see the headline is already filled in started pitching life Camarota which means made easy. Then let's call it free online course. And now in Germany of course cost news which means free and of course it is not for free but when people click on it they are very likely to actually buy it. Or let's let's not trick them let's actually call it only ten dollars. Then down here the text we can write something about this product. Of course we can say if you want to if you want to apply for an accelerator or for a seat because you are only targeting people who want to or who are interested in seed funds. We could say if you're interested in seed funds then you should buy this course. OK now we are finished with the description and then we can add something else. We can also add a news feed news feed to description. Let's actually take the description from up here and put it in here. And let's scroll down. And now what we can do is we can just click on confirm and we'll be done with our ad. So let's actually do that. This is now the ad that we create. I think this one is actually quite good solid pitching like Kmart stellar pitching made easy only $10. And if you're interested in seed funds you should buy this course. And now we click on confirm and we are now spending ten dollars per day or actually $12 per day on this ad and hopefully we're going to make more than $12. Now if you want to see where your ads are or if the ads are already confirmed or not you click down here on close. First of all and then you can refresh this page right here and very soon there should be an ad popping up. And this then should be your newly created ad that we just did. So let's see up here we have our second at the end that we just created and this one is still in review but very soon actually we will have this ad online and we will be able to promote our course through it. Anyway thank you so much for watching and we'll see each other in the next video.