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Free Google Tools For Trading The Markets

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How to use Google Screener, Google Alerts and Google Trends.

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You will learn how to use online tools to screen for stocks, analyse trends and information, respond to breaking news and perfect your trading strategies.
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Google TOS Yahoo has a pretty good finance section. But I think Google has really caught up in that regard. And the first thing we're going to look at is the Google screen. So you might be wondering why do we need another screener if we already have Fenjves. Well the simple answer is that Fenjves only caters to U.S. stocks and with the Google screen we can screen across a whole load of different countries. As you can see Google has an extensive list of countries the U.K. Canada and New Zealand that's just a few. But bear in mind that data is going to be less accurate for companies outside the U.S. and Google does not recommend signing up the states online. That's just how it tends to be for non-American companies. Even so the Google screener is simple and effective. And that's a great number of filters. What we do is adequate Syria or ratio and then adjust the balls for your law and higher range as a side note if you ever have problems getting screened and update properly. Try logging out if you google account. It just happens a few times and for some reason if you log out the Seems to fix the issue. I don't know why. Another nice thing you can do. If you click into the company Google will show you the price chart and it will show you a different news releases where they've come out and how that's affected the price. So we can see that all these letters down the bottom relate to different news release. I never think you can do is compare the stock with other tickers so you can just select different tickers using the checkbox for see 100 alerts. So I'm not afraid to from Google that already like Google alerts and this is particularly useful if you have a portfolio or a watch list of different companies. The basic idea is that you tell Google what keywords you're interested in. Google will send you an email whenever that key word has been mentioned on the web. You can specify how often you want to be out as it happens once a day or once a week. And you can choose the quality of the air that you want to receive. So for example you might want to only receive alerts that come from higher quality sources not just random blog posts that people make to get started. Simply go to Google dot com slash alerts and add in some key words or names of companies or fun Hispanics and in the full name of the company. For example Apple Inc. As opposed to just Apple. That way you get fewer results and you won't be alerted every time there's a news article about an Apple product. Right now I set up Google alerts to let me whenever one of my stops is mentioned on the web. The advantage of this is that whenever an important piece of news comes out that one of my companies get an e-mail that's it not and then make a decision on what to do next. For example last week I received an email about one of my companies Intel acquaints Inc. I couldn't say the new story indicated that some insiders had just sold some portion of shares and that's normally a better signal. Because I was already quite uncertain about this stock. This news was actually enough for me to close the trade and take my profits. In fact the proved quite timely because the story didn't seem to hit the news channels for a couple of days. There was no mention of the story on my signoff portfolio page which is kind of interesting. Anyway selling the stock at that time proved to be an ok idea and I'll say put some money into another investment. Google trends I think it trends is an interesting one. You can get that by going to Google dot com for its last trends and you can see what people have been searching for. Every time I remember reading a study last year which showed that seven stock market were never the key word that was trending would have made a lot of money during financial crisis. And I said the study is slightly flawed. You can read more about that on my blog. But nevertheless I think Google Trends can be useful for identifying new markets or sectors. For example such term newspapers has been trending down the last 10 years. Fredy printing. On the other hand has been in the shop upward trend. There isn't a great deal of evidence for this kind of data could be used to identify macro areas to invest in or to jump on board big consumer trends and the companies that may benefit from. For example we see that in her newspapers is declining you can see start away from newspaper stocks if you want to. And if you see 3D printing is rising you can try and find investments and free printing stocks. And there's now inside Google published data and you can export Ouzel data sets on here haven't used it myself yet but there's a lot of data there that you can use to extrapolate new trends and look for new investment ideas.