Introduction To AdWords Scripts - What Are Scripts?

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In this lecture I will explain what AdWords Scripts are, how they work, and how using scripts are going to benefit your account and make your account optimizations much easier. I'll also give you some examples of what PPC managers are using scripts for. 

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English Harry Edwards fans and welcome back in this section we're going to talk about AdWords scripts. Some of you may be familiar with Edward's scripts some of you may not. I'm assuming most of you are not familiar with scripts. They're a pretty advanced technique but when used properly advert scripts could drastically improve the performance of your campaigns and they create a tremendous amount of additional added efficiency to how you go about optimizing and enhancing the performance of all the campaigns ad groups adds keywords in your account. So what are Edward's scripts. A script is essentially a piece of javascript code. Now before you get all nervous saying hey I don't know javascript that's fine. For those of you with a programming background you understand javascript you can write javascript. You could actually go ahead and create your own advert scripts but I'm going to give you pre-built adware scripts that you're going to be able to copy and paste directly into your own campaigns. I'm going to show you some of my favorite most useful ad scripts and I'm going to walk you through step by step how to set these scripts up and how to configure them in the most effective beneficial way for your specific accounts. Agard scripts work using the Google API advanced programming interface. Google allows developers and these scripts to access all different sorts of AdWords reporting and do different things with them. For example with an advert script you're actually able to make a rule that will pause any of your ads when the weather drops below 70 degrees. Interesting. For example let's say you're an ice cream shop so you might have a rule that runs every single hour . Another thing that's important and useful to know about scripts is that can be run up to every hour that can be run daily. They can be run weekly but they could also be run every single hour. And when we say run that means the script is executing the script is doing what the script is supposed to be doing on that day or in that interval so it's hourly. The script will do what it's supposed to do every single hour So for example if you're an ice cream shop you can have a script that pulls weather data from an external source from a third party source and when ever the weather drops below 70 degrees in a certain location all the ads in your account will be paused. You can have the same thing where if the weather is above 85 degrees you can increase the max CPC bids of all your keywords by 10 percent. So it's pretty interesting stuff. You can actually set up a script. I saw this recently that pulls information of a given stock. Let's say you have a publicly traded company you have a given stock and it could change anything in your average account based on the performance of that stock take a pause campaigns to enabled campaigns exchange Max Max CPC bids et cetera et cetera with average scripts you're actually able to maintain a spreadsheet. Say a Google spreadsheet of a list of keywords and with a Google script you're able to dynamically generate new ads based on new keywords that you add to that specific spreadsheet that's another potential function . A script could execute. So there's really lots of different ideas you're able to. Another interesting script that hopefully will cover is a script that captures your quality score as you know in your Google adder's Adler's reports you're only able to see the quality score as it is now usually within the past 24 hours there are scripts out there that could pull into an Excel spreadsheet or the account keyword level quality scores over the course of time so you could see how that quality score has progressed on a daily weekly basis. It's a pretty cool script. The scripts that we're going to show you we're going to use Excel spreadsheets they're going to some scripts that are going to be executing within the account directly into the API interface based on rules . But overall the main idea behind the script is that it's javascript computing code it's a programming language that uses Google's API advanced program programming interface to extract data from your adverts campaigns and to generate functions to generate rules that should happen to your ad boards as your keywords or add groups or campaigns. These can be bid related these could be keyword related it could be related to creating new ads could be related to pausing campaigns basically would anything anything that you could do manually inside an average account you can create a script that will run that will manipulate those data that will manipulate the different elements of your account based on other rules that you set other parameters that you set with in that script. So without further ado let's jump in to our very first script where I'm going to walk you through step by step exactly how to get it done. The optimal settings. So you could really professionally start taking the performance of your account to the next level. So I'll see you guys in a few seconds on the other side.