BONUS: Learn How To Play 'Crazy Frog - Axel F'

Iliya Ryakhovskiy
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Another very catchy song. Learn how to play Crazy Frog - Axel F.

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English [Auto] Hello and this short bonus video I'm going to teach you how to play a song called So F or no. Otherwise known as Crazy Frog. So the song goes something like this play. Repeats and repeats so it's a short song refresh. But it's really catchy and fun. So the right hand begins something like this that first phrase first is going to be flat flat to try to jump and jump and then you go flat quickly. So it goes down for a and then the second phrase is going to go past the See you just jump off right away the same thing then you go see sharp like that then you go down for sure. The breath for the second prize is going to be like that again. Callas put the first breath in a second breath the other like that for a. Right. And the second phrase you need to go. But you know the before you go out let's see if I can jump you Florian right here. The jump you flop then. Let's see. Well it's combined a whole other one hand and see how it looks like Oreo. Then you can add the at the end you know going to the left hand to that way. Actually the normal tempo once you know the notes really well you could actually play that. So let's start with for her to get back with it for. And when you play to a flat to the second melody b c seems to be what. So that is a song with Althing. Now we're going to do what we did on each b the first time we just call them up do the beats and it gets you really got it. Good luck with that. Well that is for the more advanced playing anyways so that is a song for Crazy Frog. I hope you like it's really entertaining. Play it short. It's fun and people like to listen to it and people like to play it as well. So Fortune's bonus video let's move on to the next video.