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Discover the 4 modules of the eBay Apprentice Program. You'll learn how to make your initial thousands by just sellng items from around your home and then move into bigger incomes by using the added bonus courses!

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Learn how to sell on eBay and then build a giant eBay business with this complete, A - Z, beginner to advanced course.

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  • Easily sell your household items on eBay and then graduate to having a full-blown eBay business!
  • Learn how to do eBay the RIGHT way for maximum sales, profits and income.
  • Discover tons of insider tips, tricks and strategies that will help you be super-successful on eBay.
  • Learn little-known eBay "hacks" from a proven instructor who has helped 300,000 people learn how to sell on eBay - with several 6-figure income success stories.
English [Auto] This is David Spino and this is the eBay apprentice program how to make your first 30 $100 on ebay and build a full time income from home. Welcome to my brand new e-bay apprentice program. It's designed to get you off to the best start on eBay by making your first 30 $100 right away and then building on that early success. Now why do I use the number. Thirty one hundred dollars. Well a survey conducted by Nielsen research revealed that the average American household has over thirty one hundred dollars in unused items just laying around their home. So the idea is to start with those unused items that you have laying around your home and use that as your training wheels for success. Once you've learned how to sell those initial Thirty one hundred dollars of unused items you'll be an expert and especially with the training that you get here. So I'm going to actually walk you through exactly how to do it right the first time. So you remove any trial and error that most people need to do when they start on e-bay. You'll be learning from a top eBay expert someone who's been responsible for thousands of real world success stories on eBay. And this is your shortcut to success your speaker is David Spino. I began selling on Ebay in February of 1999 with sales as high as $12000 a week. I was one of eBay's original power sellers. I've sold tens of thousands of items on eBay and on my own web sites I've been interviewed by e-bay radio and have appeared on all major cable networks. I've helped 300000 people learn how to make money on eBay. And my mission is to help over a million people learn how to make money from home. Now the goals for this eBay apprentice program are really simple to give you the best foundation for eBay success now and into the future to teach you the right ways to begin your ebay business so that you don't have to unlearn bad habits in the future. And to help you make your first 30 100 dollars by selling the items from around your home and teach you additional ways to creatively source high demand profitable eBay products. This course consists of four main modules. Here's what you're going to get in module number one. A quick guide to easily determine the best selling items from around your home. How to quickly and easily determine the value and the pricing of each item. My system for choosing the best listing format for each item you go with an auction format or do you go with a Buy It Now format and when to show you exactly how to how to choose the right listening format. My Pyramid a value concept which helps you determine the best place to sell different items. Here's what you're going to get in module number two sourcing additional inventory. I'm going to show you how to source additional inventory at flea markets at thrift stores through Craigslist on eBay itself and how to use your cell phone to make money as well. And much much more. Let's talk about model number three. It's all about listing. I mean a walk through the elements of a successful listing. I'm actually going to demonstrate how to list an item on ebay. I'm going to give you some photography and Photoshop tips. Real simple tips that can make your photo stand out and drive a lot more sales to your ebay listings. I'm also going to show you my proven listing techniques that boost your sales and much much more. And here's what you're going to get in module for shipping and advanced eBay tips. I'm going to show you how to get high DSR ratings. And those are detailed seller ratings going to show you how to use eBay shipping to ship out your items. I mean also show you how to properly package are items so they arrive safely how to get your shipping supplies for free or inexpensive. And then I'm going to show you some advanced strategies for listing. I'm also going to talk about the best items to source for high profits as well. And much much more so I hope you're excited as I am to learn these amazing ways to get started on eBay the right way and avoid all the hassles and all the mistakes that people make when they're getting started on eBay. This is going to be your shortcut to eBay's success. Let's get started.