What is End Point Protection? and why is it important?

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  • An advanced practical skill-set in securing laptops, desktops and mobile devices.
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  • You will master the selection and implementation of solid disk encryption technology to protect devices fully from disk decryption attacks.
  • We cover all the diverse technologies offered by end-point-protection software; from traditional approaches, through to next generation and future technology. Covering methods like application control, execution prevention, machine learning and AI.
  • How to detect and monitor for threats such as malware and hackers through the use of security through deception and detection technologies.
  • How to seek and destroy system resident malware and hackers; Get up to speed on your hacker hunting!
  • How to perform operating system hardening to decrease the attacker surfaces of your devices to make them safer.
  • We explore the best techniques in anti-forensics to securely delete data and meta-data so that it is unrecoverable by even computer forensics experts.
  • We end by looking the extremely important topic of email and messenger security.
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English [Auto] Envoy for where we focus on the current and possible future and point protection technologies used in cybersecurity and protection is a very important and hot topic at the moment in the security industry. So let's first define what we mean by the end point. The point is simply a technical term that refers to the clients that we use. So the laptops desktops phones tablets and so on. These are the end point and end point protection is the technology's installed on the endpoints. Attempt to protect them from the threats and the adversaries that we face and that they face the endpoint protection technologies as you can see here. They include things like anti-virus application wireless thing execution prevention intrusion prevention disk encryption and much more. And those are supported by mechanisms such as signature's behavioral analysis machine learning and artificial intelligence all covered throughout this course to protect the endpoint traditionally and still commonly people and organizations mistakenly concentrate too much effort on protecting the perimeter of the network using technologies like firewalls routers network filtering much of the security budget is spent at the perimeter which is a poor return on your security investment in the current threat landscape because what it creates is a coconut like security defense strategy. It's hard on the outside but soft on the inside concentrating on securing the perimeter is not an effective security strategy anymore. And it hasn't been actually for a long long time. The Coconino is completely dead. If you focus on perimeter defenses you lack defense in depth you're not creating multiple legs for an attacker to have to bypass security should be like a tough one with multiple tough layers to bite through devices move around and lose the protection of the perimeter defenses. Your endpoints points your laptop tablet phone. They don't stay on your home network or on your business network. Hidden behind the perimeter defenses anymore. Those days are gone. The endpoint travels. It moves. Security must travel with the asset to be effective. This is endpoint protection and this is why endpoint protection is so important because it travels with the asset and protects it and adds those extra layers of protection to those devices to those endpoints and works in collaboration with the way we want to use the endpoints. Security must be layers of defenses that predict prevent detect respond and recover from both known and unknown threats. According to 4:5 one research malware is considered the biggest concern among people responsible for security within businesses. Additionally endpoint protection has the highest estimated spend over the next couple of years. The point is a big concern because humans control the endpoint and humans make mistakes to allow attackers in threat target the endpoint because they are easy targets and points are used as launch points to attack. Well the devices. And with more recent trends run some of your precious data through ransomware which are extremely popular automated effective and lucrative attack strategy which has only begun to become a bigger threat endpoint protection is an important battleground against ransomware and all sorts of attacks. In fact security must live on the point and travel with it. So endpoint protection is a hot topic now. Businesses have already realized it's important as part of an effective security strategy and budgets are focused on it. You need to understand point protection to be on the cutting edge of cybersecurity and talking of the cutting edge. We're entering the automation age now. Jobs will be increasingly replaced by automation. Whole industries will look completely different in the lifetime of most people taking this course. The security industry will be at the forefront of change through automation machine learning and artificial intelligence is being adopted for both defense and attack. Right now with endpoint protection all in the forefront of security moving into the automation age within 10 to 20 years cybersecurity will involve artificial intelligence Endpoint Technologies defending against artificial intelligence attack platforms an interesting and possibly scary cyber future awaits us. So let's now go into the course and explore the current and future endpoint protection technologies and start our journey on this course on this volume into cybersecurity.