Installing Android Studio On Windows

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English [Auto] In this video, I'll show you how to install Android studio on Windows. So if you've already got Android studio or you're not on Windows, just skip to the next lecture. So just go to Google and search for Android studio download, and you should find that the top result is this one here. So it's developer dot android, dot com slash studio just indexed on HTML. And this will take you to the beach to download the latest version of Android studio, which at the time of recording is three point zero point one. So just click the green button to download Android studio. Agreed to the terms and conditions and then Android studio should start downloading, it's a pretty big file, so you might want to go off and get a quick cup of tea. Well done. Excellent. You can now click run to open up the Android studio installation program. You'll need to allow the app to make changes to your device, which is the installation folder. I'd go for the default. If you've got an older version, it'll ask to overwrite it. So just click. Yes, you'll very likely need Android virtual devices to follow along with this course. So keep that option selected and click next. And again. Jeez, the final installation options are to stick with all of the defaults and then let it do its thing. Once that's completed, click next and finish it to start Android studio, and then you'll be greeted with the set up wizard. So we're not quite there yet, but again, we'll just stick to the very standard options. So essentially, just keep clicking next. Install the default components, click, finish, and then you'll have another bit of a wait while it downloads the necessary components to run and then we're done. So just click finish. And now we're ready to finally learn Android development, which will start in the next lecture.