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Tableau 2019 + Tableau 2018: Tableau DS Certification

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  • Tableau Exam Facts + Registration Process
  • Tableau Exam Rules + Environment
  • Tableau Exam Day Tips + Result + (Objection !)
  • Start Page + Data Source Page + Workspace
  • Measure vs. Dimension
  • Discrete - Continuous Dimension
  • Discrete - Continuous Measure
  • Aggregation
  • Granularity
  • Data Source Filters + Extract Filters
  • Context Filters + Date Filters
  • Live vs. Extract (Theory + Practice)
  • Save - Edit Data Source
  • .twb, .twbx, .tds, .tdsx, .hyper
  • Union (Theory + Practice)
  • Left Join, Right Join, Inner Join, Outer Join
  • Cross Database Join
  • Blending (Theory + Practice)
  • Rename Column, Data Types
  • Hide, Split, Custom Split, Alias
  • Default: Aggregation + Color + Shape
  • Default: Number Format + Comment
  • Basic Charts
  • Text Table + Highlight Table
  • Stacked Bar Chart
  • Combined Axis Chart
  • Combination Charts
  • Groups
  • Static Set vs. Dynamic Set
  • Dynamic Set Top N + Bottom N
  • Hierarchy (Date + Location + Time)
  • Manual vs. Computed Sort
  • Reference Line
  • Reference Band & Distribution (BONUS)
  • Trend Line
  • Table Calculation
  • Calculated Field
  • Histogram & Bin
  • Dashboard Design Principles
  • Dashboard Elements
  • Dashboard Actions
  • Create - Edit Device Layout
  • Story
  • Dashboard vs. Story
  • Export Options ( PDF + Image + DB)
English [Auto] Hello Tumblr gurus. Welcome back to another lecture in this lecture. They will download Tableau Desktop. But before doing that let me explain the differences between Tableau Public and tablet desktop. Because some people may know the tablet public on the end they may want to follow the course with Tableau Public. But I will use the tablet desktop and explain why it is a birthright. Most of the time when people say tableau they are talking about tablet desktop tablet desktop comes which fought in this trial so you can use it for three during the first 14 days but you need a license key to activate tablet desktop at the end of 14 days. Tableau Public is the three version of tablet desktop but it comes with some limitations in tablet public. You can only connect to excel or text file so there is no database connectivity option in tablet public. This limitation won't hurt you when you're following the course. Another limitation is about connection types which you will learn in details later on. But for now it is enough to know that you can not choose your connection typing tablet public your connection type is extract by default while on the other hand you can switch your connection time between extract and live in tablet desktop. This is an important limitation for your exam but you don't need to worry because you will have two lectures on the board. These concepts and the last limitation of Tableau Public as the name explains anything you see in Tableau Public will be saved on Tableau Public server. So your child's and your dashboards will be publicly available to others which anyone can download. So there is no privacy. Well the Tableau Public definitely won't hurt you a lot. And you're following this course but I suggest you to go for a tablet desktop first. Use it for 14 days when your trial period ends. You can sell the tablet publicly anyway in case you have a license for tablet desktop. You don't need Tableau Public at all. And if you're a student or an instructor you can get a license key for free. But you need to prove your status by simply sending an email. So if you're a student please check this web site tableau dot com slash academic slash students. And if you're an instructor please check tablet or come slash academic slash teaching. No less than what the tablet has stopped from top of the com slash products slash desktop. So this is the page. Click try it for three and then you need to tap your email address. Actually you can type anything in here but if you're a student or instructor and using this page to town not please write your official email address because it will be much easier to validate your status if you use your official email in here. And now you can click it down not free trial. So now it automatically starts to download. Please be sure that you are done nodding the right version if you're using Mac. Please consider that. But most of the time Brosseau is clever enough to detect your operating system the installation of the Tableau is pretty straightforward. You just need to click next and next several times then you install the tableau you will get a shortcut on your desktop and it will look like this. So in this lecture I read on top of desktop and install it. That's all for this section. I've seen.