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Download and install Wireshark on a Windows platform

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Start Using Wireshark to Hack like a Pro

Start your first capture, use Wireshark features to understand the data and analyze the network communication

03:38:55 of on-demand video • Updated June 2020

  • Get to know the key features of Wireshark
  • Recognize the essential components of network communication
  • Explore the different methods of setting up a packet capture
  • Analyze packets using the Wireshark tool
  • Analyze client to server communication with Wireshark
  • Examine network traffic and identify potentially malicious traffic
  • Examine the data within the network and how it shows up in Wireshark
English [Auto] Now that we've looked at what the course is going to cover, the first thing we want to do is actually download the tool. So as you see here on my screen, I'm at Wireshark dot org. So you just go to w w w Dorchak dog over in this. I can hear you click on download Windows Installer 64 bit. You can get multiple platforms, but in our case, we're just going to go ahead and use the Windows installer. So what we're going to do is once it downloads, we're just going to install the actual tool. So we go tool downloads and we don't click Wireshark now. So you really need to install you can read through this if you want a license agreement. It's always nice to read through this, but unfortunately nobody really ever does. So click on I agree. And then you see, this is what it's going to install these different things. Now T Shak is a command line version of Wireshark, but for now this is everything I need. And also this user guide is an excellent guide for doing actual Wireshark testing. It shows you how to do so many different things. And Wireshark. So we just accept all the defaults. There's nothing here that we're going to actually change. And now this is the part where sometimes people get confused. Now it tells me I've currently got installed when copycat version four point one point three. And it asked me, do I want to install in one cat version four point one point three. So since it shows that the copycat version that I currently have installed is the same, I don't have to worry about installing it again. So I can just accept the fact that it's already installed in click next. Now, you might actually have to install when PopCap if you never installed it before. And install a USB cap, all those types of things. This is nothing we're going to do because we're not actually doing any USB cap traffic. So again, just accept the default and click install. And that's pretty much the process of installing Warshak. And now it will install. Once it gets done, installing click next and we'll click run Wireshark here just so we open. Close out of here. And that's all we want to do in this module, in this module, we went to the Wireshark dot org site, we downloaded Wireshark utility and we installed it and now it's actually ready to go. Now, in the next module, we're going to go and we'll go into this in more detail. We'll look at some slides and explain this user interface that you're looking at now. And as you see here, that's already reading information from the wireless adapter on this computer. Again, Wireshark, once it's installed, it starts looking at your network traffic. That's a feature of the newer version. The older versions didn't do this, and that concludes what we wanted to do in this module. Again, next step in the section, we're going to actually do the interface and we'll review how to use this user interface and what exactly we looking at when you're looking at a Wireshark packet capture.