Selenium IDE & Firebug installation

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Selenium IDE & Firebug installation

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Welcome to the testing world in this session I'll show you how we can install slay them ID and Firebag. So as we know the first component of the stadium is name I.D.. I'm going to show you how we can install it precludes it for installing the system. ID is a Firefox Sulayem ID is a plugin on the Firefox browser so we must have Firefox browser and then we can go for slay them. The installation of Firefox is the problem with it. So we already have the Firefox on the system I'm taking I'm taking it as a prerequisite that the user is having Firefox in our system. So I'm moving to the Firefox here. First we need to install say Id install the stadium Id go to the Google download selenium ID here you are going to get the option of the download. They make the site name is William executer or. We just need to click on this on the same image or Id just scroll down and we are getting the same ID option here we can download it from the Mozilla or the add on start from what you lot are already signed just clicking here and Firefox is going to download and install. Once installed we need to restart Firefox on just restarting once you restarted. We are going to get go to the tools menu. And here we are going to get this ID option. So if we are getting this ID option means slay them Id installed just to check them out is working perfectly or not. So I'm you are an w w w that the thing word Darco. That's our application. And I want to perform a few steps regarding by using selenium ID if it is a me means everything is working fine. So I'm Or maybe that's the recording button. So I just want to select some data once it is selected and selecting second that display color certainly. So here we can see it is regarding my steps if my steps are recording means my slave is working means we have installed install the selenium ID successfully. Next session we will seek the details of the selenium at the end of the session was to set that slate them ID on the five of those. I'm just closing it. We have seen we have set up they are the next component that we need to install the fiber so fiber is a plug in on the Firefox browser with the help of which we can view Actimel of any element. So even on Firefox browser all the browser we by default getting this inspect element option with algorithms that element we can view as of any of them. So like if I were to see them all of this content we can reichlich expect anyone to view Actimel we can use either inspect element or we can install a plugin the plugin names firebug. So if we want to install the plugin just coming to the Google and don't know FEIBEL firebug around the Firefox just click on this Firefox install once it is stored. I'm going to my Web site again. Right click on any element and we are getting the option inspect element with the fiber. So here it is showing the extremal of my selected element. We have two different approaches to view this as Stearman. Either we can right click on any element and then select inspect element with fiber. So it's showing then in the second approaches that we can click on this arrow and select any elements like I'm selecting to do this. So here it is showing the estimate of the particular selected element. Same task is done by the inspection option and we can see see him as we are doing by using inspect Tallmansville fiber. So what's the difference between the differences there while working with the element locators that we are going to go into later sessions really to find ex-parte hair for finding their spot. We have a dual The name of the tool or the name of the plugin is fine but we cannot install fire directly here. Fire Back at least not only after the fire but. So if you want to use fire pop to find out ex-parte of any element which we are going to find out in the legislation that is what we have been sold the fiber and then the firepower. But if you don't want to use flap out then you can skip installation of this fire. But because if you want to see the extremal of any element you can do it by using inspect element option this inspect element option is not only available on the Firefox we are going to get this option in the different browsers on grum those. And we are getting the same kind of option here as well. Like if I were to see that several of these elements are likely and we are getting the inspect option. So these options are available on all browser. If you go to the I see we are getting this option by the name developer's tool so we can view extremal of any element by just right clicking and select the option like in Firefox and Chrome. The name is inspect but in case of that I eat the names the to. So here in the session we'll see how we can save him the fiber. That's all we have for this session. For watching this with you.