Data Dictionary Enhancement in SAP ABAP

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In this Chapter we will learn the the concept of table enhancement by using append structure and customizing include , the differences between append structure & customizing include .

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SAP ABAP : Enhancement & Modification to SAP Standard

Data Dictionary Enhancement, Function Module exit , Menu exit , Screen exit , BADI , BTE and User Exit

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  • Understand the concept of enhancement & modification in SAP
  • Implement the enhacement & modification to SAP standard program when it is required
English [Auto] Hello and welcome to Chapter two. In previous chapter, we learned the author of few of SFP and Huntsman. As epi enhancement is a way to add or change the SNP object functionality without modifying the SNP object itself. There are various SFP and Huntsman types. And in this chapter, we will discuss one of them. It is that that the extent Mary and Huntsman. That that externally enhancement is enhancement to SJP, that that externally object table or a structure. We can enhance SJP standard table or a structure by using two ways, append structure and customising include. A pen structure and customising include allow us to enhance as AP standard tables or structures by adding fields to them, but not part of as a standard object or SFP object. What are the differences between Appends Strattera and customising include? Almost all escapee's standard tables or structures can be enhanced by using a pen structure to create an pen structure. First, we create a pen structure as customer object. The field names in an append structure must be in customer namespace. It must begin with Áder, Y, Y or Z. This prevents naming conflicts with the SFP standard fields. And then we attach the aband structure to a standard table or a structure definition, whenever the asset based under table or structure is activated. The system services for all active appends, structures for that table and attaches them to the database table. An up instructors may only be assigned to a single table. A table may, however, have several up instructors attach to it. And then the next is customising include not all standard tables or structures can be enhanced by using customising, include only the tables or structures that have customising, include statman inside it. If we want to implement the customising include, then we double click. The customising include Statman. The customising include field names must lie in the customer namespace. That's like field names in appends structures. This NAMS must all begin with Áder, Y, Y or Z. In contrast to appends structure, customising includes can be inserted into more than one table. Okay, that's all about that, that externally and henchmen. Before we end this chapter, let's take a look at the summary. First, we can enhance as a standard table or structure by using two ways, append soxer and customising include we can enhance table or structure by using customising include only if the table or a structure has customising include Statman. One up in structure can only be used in only one table, but one table can use more than one append structure. One customising include can be used in more than one table. OK, we have learned the theory of that that extortionary and Huntsman, for better understanding, we will practice to create a debt Addicks Ternary and Huntsman in the next chapter. Okay. See you again in the next chapter. Pang's.