Install a Ubuntu Virtual Machine on Mac-OS using VM-Fusion

Anis Koubaa
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In this lecture, I demonstrate how to install a Ubuntu virtual machine on Mac-OS to install and work with ROS on it.

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English [Auto] It don't want to make you this video. I'm going to show how to install Ubuntu operating system on a virtual machine for a Mac OS operating system. In fact my advice and recommendation it is always highly recommended. Working on a virtual machine because you can set up all your environment install applications all your integrated development environment only once and then you can start the fight of the virtual machine in any external hard drive. So later on in any case when there is a damage that happens to your virtual machine for example Rowse installation is compromised or something doesn't work fine after some updates and so one you can easily get back to your working environment by just getting a copy of your same little machine and open it again. However if you work on a physical machine. If there is any problem with your system you have to install everything from scratch. And this is sometimes very time consuming and tedious operation. So this demonstration is going to show how to install Ubuntu 18 0 4 on a virtual machine. However the process will be exactly the same if you install any other version of Ubuntu. So the first thing that you have to do is to go to Ubuntu website the only WW Ubuntu Look-Up slush. No lossless desktop. So you will download the desktop version of Ubuntu. You click on Golo then you access the file and let it download completely on your system. It's going to take a little bit of time depending on the speed of your connection. So after that if you have Mac operating system you can use any software a virtual machine you can use Freep options like your tool box from Aurukun which is free. But my recommendation is to use fusion virtual machine from VM way which provides very powerful functionalities very stable. But the problem is speed. So you have fusion you up and fusion and then you create a new virtual machine. You still have the option install from the disk or an image. Then you drag and paste the operating system image that you have downloaded and then follow the instructions. So you have to set the password for the virtual machine. You can also check the option make your home folder accessible to the virtual machine and then click Continue. So you can choose install but I recommend that you customize your setting before going further. First of all you have to give a name to the virtual machine and then you can change the setting on the virtual machine. For example you would like to increase the number of processors are at the butyl machine and the memory or any other setting like network settings or other. So you can do that. For example I would choose to have 4 processors. Unfortunately Off-Ramp. Of course this depends on the capabilities of your machine and then that it is done so the installation takes a little bit of time and then the virtual memory having the Ubuntu operating system is going to open and you can just type your password that you have set initially and finally you will be logging in with the virtual machine and you will have your bent operating system where you can install Russ and configure your environment over that. So after having the virtual machine installed you can install the Russ install your favorite integrated development environment. Like for example eclipse or visio pseudocode or any other ID of your choice. Install all the other libraries that you need for close. For example Total what packages for any packages that you need for sensors actuators or anything and then make a copy of your virtual machine with it on an external hard drive just in case. If you have any crash or any problem you can get back to a built in machine up and running without the need to install Ros and all the tools that you have already installed.