Install HTTP client Postman

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RESTful Web Services, Java, Spring Boot, Spring MVC and JPA

Implement API calls: Sign-up, sign-in, email verification, password reset, update, delete. Deploy to Amazon AWS Cloud.

23:05:20 of on-demand video • Updated September 2020

  • Build a RESTful Web Service with Spring MVC and Spring Boot
  • Learn how to implement User Sign-in functionality
  • Learn how to implement User Sign-up functionality
  • Protect RESTful Web Service with Spring Security Framework
  • Learn how to implement Token-Based Authentication
  • Implement Password Reset and Email Verification features
  • Use Spring Data JPA Query Methods
  • Use Spring Data JPA Native SQL Queries
  • Download and Install MySQL Server on Mac
  • Download and Install MySQL Workbench
  • Download and Install Spring Tool Suite
  • Create new project using Spring Tool Suite and Spring Initializer
  • Download, run and stop Apache Tomcat
  • Deploy RESTful Web Service application to Apache Tomcat
  • Run RESTful Web Service application as a stand along Java application
  • Build and run REST API with Maven
  • Use Postman HTTP client to send HTTP Request to a Web Service endpoints
  • Start up Amazon EC2 server
  • Install Java, MySQL and Apache Tomcat on Amazon AWS EC2 server
  • Deploy RESTful Web Service to Amazon AWS EC2 server
  • Use H2 in-memory database
  • Use H2 database console to preview data in memory database as well as in a stand along MySQL database server
  • Use JUnit 5 to test code
  • Use Rest Assured to test RESTful Web Service endpoint
English [Auto] When working on a web series or a specific feature of our API we send a lot of requests. And every time we send the request within inspect the DPD response to see if it contains expected result. This process of creating new HTP requests and inspecting each piece ponds with Bazerman is much easier and faster. We do not need to have mobile or user interface or web page user interface really to be able to test or web service API point. So in simple words postman makes this process of creating and testing restful webservices much more convenient and faster and we can use Bazerman for free and it is available for Mac and Windows and Linux and 2 and chrome. So the download process is very simple to download Boseman to your computer or just click on I'm running max so I'm going to click on Mongolia's and it will take me to the page which should begin the download magically for me download has started go. I can see it here in the download section. If it didn't start for you at the Meinecke simply click on this link manually initiate download and should download the file download. Takes about a minute. So we'll pose this video and then that will raise you in few seconds when the file is downloaded. OK the file is downloaded for me and it was unzipped and I copied it from downloads folder to my desktop. So I now have it on my desktop. I like to have postman on my ADOX or out copy it and drag and put it next to no bints here. So I have it available in a convenient place to store postman. Simply click on the postman. I can and it warns me that application was downloaded from the Internet. So can I trust the postman so I'll simply open it. And here we go. We have postman running in the next video. Let's talk a little bit about the user interface and how to create the IP Quest using Kwasman.