Downloading and Installing MySQL on MAC

Sergey Kargopolov
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RESTful Web Services, Java, Spring Boot, Spring MVC and JPA

Implement API calls: Sign-up, sign-in, email verification, password reset, update, delete. Deploy to Amazon AWS Cloud.

23:05:20 of on-demand video • Updated September 2020

  • Build a RESTful Web Service with Spring MVC and Spring Boot
  • Learn how to implement User Sign-in functionality
  • Learn how to implement User Sign-up functionality
  • Protect RESTful Web Service with Spring Security Framework
  • Learn how to implement Token-Based Authentication
  • Implement Password Reset and Email Verification features
  • Use Spring Data JPA Query Methods
  • Use Spring Data JPA Native SQL Queries
  • Download and Install MySQL Server on Mac
  • Download and Install MySQL Workbench
  • Download and Install Spring Tool Suite
  • Create new project using Spring Tool Suite and Spring Initializer
  • Download, run and stop Apache Tomcat
  • Deploy RESTful Web Service application to Apache Tomcat
  • Run RESTful Web Service application as a stand along Java application
  • Build and run REST API with Maven
  • Use Postman HTTP client to send HTTP Request to a Web Service endpoints
  • Start up Amazon EC2 server
  • Install Java, MySQL and Apache Tomcat on Amazon AWS EC2 server
  • Deploy RESTful Web Service to Amazon AWS EC2 server
  • Use H2 in-memory database
  • Use H2 database console to preview data in memory database as well as in a stand along MySQL database server
  • Use JUnit 5 to test code
  • Use Rest Assured to test RESTful Web Service endpoint
English [Auto] And they say I'm going to show you how to download and install my ask you well on your computer and I'm using Mac and Albion's tooling my skill on my computer Maskil is a cross-platform database server and it can be installed in many different degrees and systems. So to download my skill community is server you need to either google for it and download miniscule community center or open your browser window following you around dev dot my skill dot com forward slash downloads forward slash my skill. So at the time of recording there's video course this is how this page looks like. And if you scroll down you'll have a few links to download community to server. Again I'm using Mac but there are different versions of mine skewl available for different the operating system. If you're running Windows for example. Ok so I'm running my Heisey around and I'll be downloading the very first archive here and by clicking the download button I have actually downloaded my skill already and haven't it my computer so I'm not going to download it again but I will repeat the installation process. So once you download this archive it will be on your computer somewhere. I have download it to my desktop. This is the installation file. My secure oil a point 0.11 and I will run it by double click on it and then presented with this window I'll double click on this. I can says that this package will run the program to determine if the software can be installed continue. And then introduction. Thank you for choosing my school. I'll just continue on. And here's the license continue. I agree and it will take up to 5 5 2 megabytes of space in my computer. That's fine if you want to install a different location you can choose a different location here. I don't do that and will install it to the location that it suggests. I'll then show you of the installation where my skill center will be installed. So click on stoled install this and now I'm being prompted to provide a password and this password is to your computer. This is the admin password that you use to log into my computer. So provide my password and click on install installation process for a quick. It will take just a couple of minutes or even less. And here we go Maskil installation is successful. If during the installation LifeSkills server prompted you to provide a root password please do so and please provide password that you can remember. And at the same time it should be secure. You will need this password to log into my ask your server in Mikey's mind kills her did not prompt me for the password. And this is because I have already installed it on my computer so I click on close and then I will close it and let's now learn how to start D-minus kill Selover. We have just downloaded.