OPTIONAL: How to use Udemy, download files, etc...

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OPTIONAL: How to use Udemy, download files, etc...

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Overview of some useful Udemy features like speeding up lectures, bookmarking, downloading files, and how to to ask questions to the Q&A forum.

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Okay. Don't skip this lecture. Udemy just recently went through a complete interface overhaul. There's a lot of changes to the way it looks. There's some new features. If you don't know how to do some of these things, watch the lecture. Go to the part of the lecture where it shows you how to do these things. Otherwise, just at least watch the first part. So you know what's in this lecture, and if you have a question about it later, you know, to come back to this lecture, okay? So know where to find your courses when you log into Udemy, how to go to the course homepage, how to download the files such as the models that are in the course associated with the different lectures, where to find them, how to use the Q&A to ask questions or to find answers to questions that have already been asked by other students. What are the announcements for the courses and how do you find them? What's in them? How do you use the bookmarking feature and why you should use them? And some tips around the Udemy video player. There are some keyboard shortcuts, video resolution options and defaults that happen, especially when it's blurry. What do you do? Close captions. Transcripts. Volume control. So if the volume is not loud enough, it has to do with the video player's volume defaults. I'm going to show you how to fix it. Some playback speed options, how you can slow down or speed up the playback of the lectures. And finally, how do you get a certificate of completion from taking a course on Udemy? What does it take to actually get that certificate? All right, so next step, I'm going to show you all of those things. But if you want to skip the rest of it until you have an issue with it and, you know, to come back to this lecture. All right. First step is going to YouTube.com and make sure you're logged in. If you're logged in, you're going to see this photo of yourself, your profile photo on the right. If you're not logged in, make sure you're logged in first because once you're logged in, then you're going to be able to see my courses. So I want you to go click on my courses. And it's going to show you all of the courses that you're currently enrolled in. And by default, it's going to be sorted by your most recently accessed courses. So the course that you've signed up for and actually logged in or started a lecture on the course that you took most recently. Okay. But you can also sort of by most recently enrolled or in alphabetical order or by completion percentage from lowest to completed or from completed to non completed. So you have your options here. You can also sort it by the category of courses that you're enrolled in or whether you started the course or not. And you can also search by instructor. So if you scroll down the instructor list, you're going to be able to see Simon Heat. Now, that's not going to show up because I'm in my own account, so I'm not going to my courses don't show up for myself, but you'll be able to see all the instructors that you're enrolled in, and you can also search the courses by name here. So let's say you find my real estate course and you hover over it like this and you click on it. It's going to take you to a page like this. So any course on Udemy now this is completely new redesigned interface that they just released in late March of 2019. So if you haven't logged back in recently, it's very different. And that's why don't skip this lecture. Okay. So when you're in a new course page, it's going to show you the title and it's going to have the video player here for the current lecture that you're in is going to show which lecture that you're in. If you haven't started the course, you're going to be starting on a lecture one. All right. One of the most frequently asked questions is, Hey, Simon, where do I download the files that you're using? Okay, so pay attention here. When you're here right now with the player, you see the lectures on the right here. As you scroll through the lectures, if you see a lecture that has this folder sign. You see that some of them have this. It means there's files associated with that lecture and you click on that. It'll show you what files are available for download with respect to that lecture. And if you select that file, it will automatically download to your download folder. You see that? So that's where you can download all the files. And if you scroll through the rest of the course as you go through it, you'll be able to see all the lectures that have those files associated with those specific lectures, and you can just click on it, look at the file, click on that file, and then download it to your download folder. Now before we get into what's on this player and all of the good stuff here that you should be aware of so you can have the best learning experience. I want to go over a few of the things at the bottom here. So first thing that's available is the overview. This is if you're just curious about the course, what you enrolled for, what you know, what the description of the course was when you purchased it, you can reference it here. Now the Q&A is this is where the questions and answers for the course are going to be located. And now Udemy has done a better job of associating them specifically to the lectures where people are asking them. So this first lecture, there's no questions because it's just talking about, Hey, if your video is blurry, this is what you should do. But for some other lectures, there will be more Q&A questions here. And if you don't see it, you can just type in a topic. So for example, one of the topics that I cover in this course is called the discount rate. And if you type it in, it's now going to show up over 34 or there's 34 questions related to the discount rate or where the discount rate is mentioned and you'll be able to see it. So here people usually will type the question here and then they have some description that's more details about what their question is, and I'll try to answer it. So see if the question that you're trying to ask or you're thinking of it has already been asked. Okay, if it's already been asked, then there's going to be an answer because I answer every question that gets asked in this course. Now, if it's not there, then what you can do is you can hit the ask a new question and it's going to pull up this form here where you can enter the question. So here, try to be as complete as you can with a question. Don't just say discount rate what is, you know, that's not as clear, but try to be as specific as possible about what you're confused about. How do you determine what is the a what is a good discount rate for different investments? So that's a better question because I know the context of what you're wondering about with respect to discount rate. And if you have to clarify, for example, if I were looking at and then fill in the blank details, the more detailed you can be, the better I can answer your question and the more helpful this question thread is going to be for future students who also have similar questions as you. So that's where you can post the Q&A. And in fact, that's the best place to reach me if you have any questions related to the course content at all. Now, if you have any technical issues, because that's not something that I have anything to do with or have any control over. So, for example, if the video player is crashing or is or, you know, your browser keeps shutting down, that's a technical issue. So here's a link right here for the support team and they'll be able to help you. A lot of times I'll have no idea what's going on. They might have some issues going on with servers in just a certain area for a certain, you know, period of time where they're doing some kind of maintenance and it's causing some issues and it goes away. A lot of times it's a connection issue between the user and logging into Udemy itself. So if you have any technical issues, reach the support team here for technical support. Another thing here is announcements, and this is where I'll occasionally post educational announcements or relevant materials to articles that I've written or articles that I find interesting that's relevant to the course that you're taking. So here I mostly share real estate and real estate related types of articles because this is a real estate course. But I occasionally share some things that I think might be interesting for my audience. So here you can check out all of the announcements that I've made, including the time where somebody tried to scam me on you to me that I wanted to make my students aware of. You'll see all the announcements here under the announcement tab. Okay. So there's one more tab here called Bookmarks. And bookmarks is a really, really useful tool for you to make bookmarks or little notes of important parts of lectures you want to be able to go back to later. Okay. So let me demonstrate something. So let's say I was watching a lecture here and I get to a part where I'm like, Oh, wow, whatever Simon said here, I want to remember it and be able to go back to it later. So what you can do is you can just hover over this little tab here that has a sort of like a bookmark for the plus sign and then just hit the plus sign. It will automatically pause the video and open up this add comment part. So then I can say, okay, this part is what is a good price. And that's the note I want to set for myself if I hit enter. Pay attention to what goes on down here. Now that bookmark is saved for you. So later on, if you log out, you log back into the course, you can come back to the bookmarks here wherever we are in the course. If you're at some other lecture by then and you look back, here's like, Hey, what was this about? Oh, this lecture on why is investment analysis important? What is a good price? Let me go back to that. If you just click that, it will take you to that lecture exactly back to that point where you made the bookmark. So this is extremely useful. There's a lot of material covered in this course. This is one of my longer courses, but most of my courses are pretty long. There's usually 60, 70 or 80 lectures, and you want to be able to make notes because otherwise you're not going to remember everything. And it's better to make bookmarks here. So you can always go back to it rather than writing it on a piece of paper or somewhere off. Udemy So super useful. And if you made a bookmark by mistake, you can just delete it right here. You hover over the x, hit the x mark and now it is. Okay, so now let's go back to the player. Here are some useful things to understand about the player that's going to make your learning experience much, much better. So first of all, if you're on a small screen, you can expand this to watch a on a larger area or you can go full screen, right? So if I go full screen now, it covers the whole screen. So you can just hit that and go back. Okay. So if you want to go back and see the lectures here, you just go back to the default view and I'll show the lectures again. Most of the time, if you're just watching one lecture after another, you don't need this available here. Now, one of the most important parts of the player is this Settings tab. So it has several features here that's important for you to know. If you hit the Settings tab, it's going to open up the resolution options here. Now, you want to make sure that you're watching at least 720. Right now, Udemy has some sort of a maintenance issue going on. So the ten ADP is not available, but it typically, if you have a good enough Internet connection, it will default to 1080 P or 720 P. But if for whatever reason, your Internet connection is unreliable at the moment, sometimes it will default to 480 or 360. Now, I have no idea why these resolutions are even available, because you can't really learn anything or see anything at these resolutions. So if things are blurry, it means the resolution has been defaulted to something lower than 720 and you want to go back to at least 720. And if you're watching this later, you should have the ten ADP available up here as well. Try to watch it in the highest resolution. I uploaded all my videos at 1080 so that you can watch it on a on your monitor at high resolution. Now, some other options here is you can set it to autoplay from one lecture to the next or not. You know, some people like to do that. Some people don't. You can also download the lectures for the lectures that are marked downloadable. There are keyboard shortcuts you can learn. So here are the keyboard shortcuts basically allows you to speed up or slow down. Watch it in full screen or exit full screen, write or add a bookmark, which they're all pretty intuitive. So you can basically use these shortcuts when you're watching in full screen and it will execute these commands for you. Pretty useful if you don't want to have all this extra space wasted, you just want to watch it but still have control over what's going on. And if you exit out of that, it gets out of that tab. And then obviously, if you have any technical issues and if you see anything that is, you know, you think is not supposed to be on you to me, especially with comments that are abusive or whatnot, you can report that to you, to me directly. Now, a couple of other options here. Captions. This is if you want the captions to show on the screen while you're watching, by default, it's off. So if I put it on for English, you'll see that it shows up. It's basically and these are auto generated, it'll tell you. So it's auto generated in many different languages. If you want to watch it in different languages, it'll show up there as well. Now that's for the captions and you can turn it back off. There are setting options for captions too, for the font size, the opacity, whether you want to show it under or over the video, you know. So you can also change that as well if you want to adjust it to your liking. So that's the captions. Now sort of a slightly different thing that's new is the transcript. If you get transcript, it basically has the caption. But on the right and as you're watching it, you can follow along here on the right side instead of on the screen. So some people prefer that, if you prefer that you can also do that and you could do auto scroll. So it follows for you as the instructor I'm speaking, you can see that on the side and if you want to exit out of that, you just hit the X button. Now, one very important part about the video player is that if it's not loud enough for you, the volume, and even if on the computer you've turned your volume really high, you have to check the volume player on you to me here, because a lot of times they'll default to something like half, but half is like very low volume for some reason. So when it's at half, even if your computer volume is high, it will still sound a little bit low. So I recommend changing the volume to be much higher or just go to 100. So you just control the volume on your computer so you don't have to worry about the volume on the YouTube player. And once you set it, it should default there and stay that way. But it's not loud enough. Just check that and make sure it's there so that you can hear it at the volume that you want to hear it. Okay. Now, a few other things for the player. You can fast forward 5 seconds or rewind 5 seconds. I really don't see the point of the fast forward. I see the point of the rewind potentially. But the more important feature here is the play speed. So you can go as slow as 0.5 X, so you're listing at half the speed all the way to twice the speed, and so you can try it out. So a lot of times when I'm watching videos, I like to listen at 1.5 X, so I really appreciate it when the instructors enunciate very clearly and I can still hear them and understand them watching at 1.5 x, I'm told that you can still understand me pretty clearly when you're listening to me at 1.5 x, so try that out if I'm talking to slow at my normal pace. But if English isn't your primary language and I'm speaking a little bit too fast, you can slow it down a little bit too. So those are your options over there. Okay. Finally, for some of you, you may want to get a certificate of completion so that right here you see this little prize here. If you hover over, it says finish the course to get your certificate of completion. And the only way to get it is if you complete all of the publish lectures in the course. So what does it mean to finish a course? You'll see this checkmark next to the lecture here when it's done. You see that? When it's not done, it's going to have an open box. But if you already watched it and for some reason it didn't register, you can always just go back and click it and you'll see that the number has updated in terms of the number of lectures. Once all of it is checked, this will become activated and it'll take you to your certificate and you'll be able to link and share it on LinkedIn or wherever else you want to share it online. But you'll be able to have that certificate of completion. So all of the lectures have to have this checkmark in order for you to get that.