How Your Past Life Prevents Access to Your Psychic Abilities

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How your past life can be preventing you accessing your psychic abilities

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How your past life trauma can be impacting on your future in this lifetime as a healer and a psychic

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In this lecture, we're going to look about how your past life can be blocking you from accessing your intuitive and healing gifts and preventing you from being able to feel comfortable using your intuitive powers in this lifetime. So, it's important to know that any trauma that you've experienced in a past life will cause fear and paralysis, and this can set up negative patterns and beliefs in this lifetime. These patterns of beliefs can block you severely from connecting with your gifts and make you feel like you're completely afraid and that you're not meant to use your gifts, and they may even block your third eye so that you actually physically cannot see anything, or hear anything, or feel anything that is metaphysical or spiritual, or anything that is from a higher being or a higher realm. Please note, this is often very unconscious, so we often aren't even aware of these blocks because obviously, that happened was in a past life and we might not be aware of how they're impacting upon us. But I have seen with so many of my beginning psychic development students, how they'll come in and I feel so nervous around trying to access their gifts, and they'll feel like they want to and they are a little bit scared, but they've got all these blockages that are stopping them doing it. And this is often very unconscious. And as I said, these blockages are often formed from past life trauma. So common beliefs that can be caused by trauma are - I am evil, or it's evil to use my spiritual intuitive healing gifts. These beliefs have been set up on us from churches from past lifetimes, so obviously, the Catholic Church and other Churches had huge tremendous power in previous centuries. They were really so huge in our lives and they impacted upon us so much and they dominated the cultural norms and they dominated our thoughts and they dominated our laws. And as a result, any time that you may have stepped outside their idea of what was acceptable in terms of practicing your spiritual gifts, you could have been condemned and been told that you're evil, or you could have been told that it is evil to use these gifts. And quite often the story that was set up on people was that only priests were allowed to talk to God, or only priests could channel information from God and the creator. And, you know this is often, so this is obviously somewhat true, but because the priest had so much power in these lifetimes and the church was just such a ruling force, our whole lives were governed by this and it was very difficult to break outside that box. Other common beliefs that I see come up in my clients and my psychic development students is that if I use my spiritual or intuitive or healing gifts, I'll be harmed, I'll be tortured, I'll be executed, I'll be banished, I'll be humiliated, or I'll lose my family. And these beliefs can be so strong in our cellular memories from past past lifetimes that we can almost just completely refuse to use our gifts. We can just shut them down and say look, I don't even want to go there. And that could be, for example, in a past life,you may have lost your family and maybe you were taken away from them and persecuted by an inquisition or something, and as a result, you just can't even bear to think about using your intuitive gifts or even reading some Tarot cards because you might think that your family will judge you, or you just get this indescribable fear that something bad is going to happen if you do it, so you just prevent yourself doing it. So that's a very common example of how the beliefs can be set up on you that can prevent you accessing your gifts. Now what happens during trauma or just before death in past lives is that we make vows, and if we're experiencing any kind of fear, or confusion, or stress, or trauma, or especially physical painfrom torture, then we will make a vow that will severely impact upon our concurrent lifetimes. So, a classic example of what a vow you could make in a past life if you were tortured, or if you were harmed, or you are isolated or humiliated for using your spiritual gifts is that you could make a vow to abstain from magic or anything that's not approved by the church, or that's not approved by society, or approved by the town that you live in. And that's a really common vow that is made to people that are very spiritually intuitive and have incredible healing gifts in this lifetime they've made this in past lifetimes, and it's really stopped them from being able to connect with their third eye and use these gifts. So to recap - blockages to using your psychic and intuitive and healing gifts can be formed from trauma that comes from other lifetimes. In other lifetimes, you may have experienced being tortured, or harmed, or separated from your family, or other traumatic events and experiences that have caused you to make vows in this lifetime that you will abstain from magical, or you'll abstain from using any kind of intuitive gifts out of fear that something bad might happen. The past life regression that we're going to do in this course will help you clean this so that you feel a lot more confident and comfortable accessing your natural healing gifts, and you feel a lot more like this is not something that is sinful or evil and that you're actually connecting with source and spirit, and this is a very positive thing for your well-being.