Why should you learn Openstack?

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OpenStack Essentials

Learn OpenStack, Install & Operate Your Own IaaS Cloud!

05:48:18 of on-demand video • Updated July 2020

  • Cloud computing background
  • In depth understanding about Openstack architecture and components
  • In depth understanding of capabilities and features of openstack networking
  • In depth understanding of object and block storage options
  • In depth understanding about instance lifecycle
  • Have your own Openstack instance that could even run on your laptop or pc
  • Launch VMs and manage their lifecycle
  • Operate your openstack cluster from dashboard
  • Operate your openstack cluster from CLI
English OpenStack is hot. You should learn it. The sooner the better. Approaching the 19th for release since its inception in 2010. OpenStack has become a mature cloud platform and getting a lot of traction according to foresters research report . OpenStack has grown into a de facto standard platform for the private cloud market and serves as the foundation for public clouds. It is backed by more than 500 companies including some of the biggest in technology. To name a few. Intel Dell EMC Oracle VMware Ericsson HP IBM NetApp Juniper Cisco brocade F5 and SAP.. Do you wonder why large telcos including Verizon AT&T and Deutsche Telekom are among the main sponsors of the project? The reason is openstack's promise is not powering clouds only. It is also the main building platform for network functions virtualization transforming into an NFV powered infrastructure makes sense for any service provider according to researches globally 71 percent of service providers are either in production or plan to be in production with openstack in the next 12 months. That transition is underway nowadays. Having experience with new technologies pays off. Openstack and cloud computing are both relatively new areas with a high demand of expertise. market research reports say that for the next four years the yearly growth rate of openstack will be more than 30 percent. Despite the skill gap, according to several studies the salary of an openstack expert is beyond average I.T. salaries. Add this skill to your resumé. Finally if you still haven't you will most likely face openstack soon. so why wait? Be on the frontier and collect the rewards.