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Sending a Test Video to Udemy

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All right. So I just recorded my introduction video here in Kim Tasia 2018 and I'm assuming that you have done that as well if you haven't. Go ahead and pause this video and create a quick test video or if you're not quite feeling comfortable and confident enough yet you can go ahead and watch the rest of this video to get an idea of what I've done for my test video. So here in Camp David 2018 you can zoom in and out on your editing canvas here. And so this is exactly what my recording looked like when I finished recording and it came into I came Tasia 20:18 project. Notice that I have two tracks down here on the timeline. The first track is my web cam you can see the little picture over here. This is my web cam and my yeti audio which is combined in one track down below here I have my computer screen as well as my computer audio which in this case there was not any computer audio to record. But notice that these move independently I can move my screen around and I can also click on and I can move my Web cam video around. I can stretch it to make it larger. I can reconfigure it. I can put it up in the top right if I want to. And you notice that it sort of snaps into place over there or I can snap it down here in the bottom left top left bottom right and so on. It has those little snaps which are really really helpful in getting things lined up. So for my test video I really don't need my screen back here but I wanted to go ahead and record it so that you could see how these tracks are laid out and also how easy it is the rid of something. So I don't need my screen back here I can click on it and then hit the delete key. And that track is just completely gone now and that's fine because again I really don't need it. Now I can click on my Web cam video and I could have left it down there but I tend to put it in the top left out of habit and then I just drag it so that it fills up the entire screen. OK at this point I want to go ahead and let you watch this video and listen to it and you can let me know what you think in the in the course discussion Hi my name is Cody Rae Miller and I live in Dallas Texas in the United States. And in this course I'm going to be teaching students how they can make their own online video courses using utility and other platforms such as You to me. I really feel like this is going to benefit many people because a lot of people have something a skill maybe that they want to share with the world but they don't necessarily feel like they have the platform to do that. And I think to me it gives people a great opportunity for them to be able to share their skills and share their knowledge with the world. I also think it's a phenomenal way for people to earn some residual and passive income and so that's another reason that I'm really passionate about this course. Looking forward to getting started but I just want to double check with you all you to me to make sure that my video quality as well as my audio quality is sufficient. So thank you so much and I look forward to hearing your feedback. All right. So that was my test video that I created. And as you can see it came in at just a little bit under a minute and that's OK. That should be enough for the people at you to me to evaluate and to get back to me with some customized feedback. So what I want to do here is first of all I want to clip off a little bit of the beginning and I want to clip off a little bit of the end here where I'm going back and looking at my screen I want to clip that off. So this is super easy to do and can Tasia. OK. The first thing I'd like to do is zoom in a little bit and so I can use this slider button here. OK. Or I can also click on the plus sign OK or the minus sign. So I'm going to zoom in quite a bit here and then go all the way to the beginning and I can move my play head over here. By clicking holding and dragging and I want to start my video right about here. So once I know where I want to clip my video then I can use this button right here or I can use command t as a shortcut. So this button here or command t is going to split my clip. And now I've got this clip over here that's independent from this other clip and I can click on it and I can delete it I can then click on this and move it all the way back to the beginning so that my video is now going to start right here. Hi my name is Cody remelt. OK. So that's a lot better. Let's scroll over to the end here. And let's clip some of this off the end as well or to hear your feedback. All right so let's just go ahead and clip it. There again you can click on this button here or you can use the shortcut command t in order to split that clip and then I can delete the in stuff there. Now let me show you how to use a very basic transition over here on the left. You'll see that you have a lot of different options here you have media and that's going to open up the media. Then this is where all of your videos and your graphics and everything will reside. In the library over here. You have different materials like lower thirds motion backgrounds and so forth annotations are fun little things that you can and your video. And then we come to transition's is what we're really looking for we want to fade out our video at the end. Underneath that you have behaviors if you want to do some cool things with text and whatnot. Looks like Adobe After Effects if you're familiar with that. You have some animations that you can do to your screen cursor effects. Voice narration audio effects visual effects like changing the visual appearance of things interactivity and gesture effect so there's a lot that you can do here. We are interested in a basic transition right now AK and what we want is a fade. We just want to fade this clip out here at the end so I'm just clicking holding and dragging this fade down to the timeline. And I've now added it to my clip. Now if you zoom in just a little bit more you can see that we have a wave form of audio down here which is really helpful because it shows you when I stop talking on basically non-talking right about there. And then we can start fading things out we're going to give a few frames here and then the fade will occur there. If we wanted to we could also fade our video in. And so we would go to the front here. Notice that I moved my play head over here and then I used the zoom function because it will zoom to wherever the play head is so I moved my play head to the beginning then I zoomed in if I wanted to add a fade to the beginning here and do the same thing click hold and drag it down here and you can see that the fade is covering up quite a bit of my audio here. So one thing I could do is I could shorten the fade. That would be a very very quick fade. Watch this. Hi my name is code so quick you almost didn't see it. The other thing I could do is maybe a combination of shortening it and also lengthening my clip here so notice what I'm doing. I've I've clicked and I've held and I'm dragging this clip and what I'm doing is actually resizing it and expanding into some of this area that I had previously deleted so that it will fade in and I'm not talking. And then when the fade ends I start talking. So why don't we go ahead and give a listen to this and see what we think. Hi my name is Cody Rae Miller and I live in. So again if we thought that this was a little bit too fast or slow we can adjust the length of our fade here and we can also adjust the length of our clip I think it was pretty good. But I am going to lengthen the fade just a little bit and we'll test one more time. Hi my name is Cody Rae Miller and I. All right so I thought that was pretty good myself. You don't have to fade in or fade your videos out. But I think it does tend to give it a nice look. And so that's what we'll do here. Our video is all clipped up and we've added some basic transitions. Now we need to do is share or save this video to our hard drive and then I'll show you how to submit that to you to me. So click on the share menu up here at the top of your screen and then you have several options here local file which is what we're going to use. Or you can automatically shared screencast dot com YouTube Google Drive. You can also export a single frame like a steel frame as a picture or if you just want to export the audio you can do that as well. I'm going to click on local file here and then it'll come up with a screen where I'll simply select the desktop and I will call this my test video and then I'll put my initials C R in and we'll go ahead and export now a standard setting should be fine if you've just installed cam Tasia. But you can also click on the options button here and you can adjust the different settings again. Default settings should be fine. We will go ahead and export this to the desktop. It will take a moment to export and once it's done I'll come back. We'll take a look at it and we will upload it to you to me. All right. Our export has just finished. You can see that here. And we have the option to close this notification or to reveal our Impey for in the Finder Finder window. I don't need to do that because I export in my test video to the desktop. So going over here to the desktop we can see this video and we can open it up and it's always a good idea for you to open up your test video and make sure that you're happy with it. And so I won't make you watch it again but I'm going to give it one more watch. And then we will upload it to you to me. All right. That looked good to me. And so what we're going to do now is go ahead and upload this to me and so open up a web browser and we'll go to you to me dot com and I will show you exactly what I'm doing as I upload this test video. So I'm going to go to my instructor dashboard click on instructor and then instructor dashboard and that is going to show you all of your courses I have here my online video course essentials that is this course that I'm working on right now. If you click on that go ahead and click on the course that you are working on you can see that it's a draft here. And then over here on the left you'll see setup and test video. That's what we just recorded so click on this and then it gives you some tips over here. If you read talks about equipment making a studio lighting some requirements and so forth we've covered that in this course. But feel free to read that if you would like a little more information what we want to do now is click on Create a test video and this is going to bring up another screen that's going to ask us some questions about our course in our production. So do we have equipment. Yes I have my equipment. OK. You can watch this video here if you'd like to. It gives you the guidelines and criteria here. Go ahead and click get started. What language am I speaking English. Next we'll move on to feedback type. I'd like to know about video production audio production and delivery. So that's good. Your delivery of course is how you're saying things the way in which you're speaking the way in which you're moving your hands and your body and so forth. So we'll go ahead and say I want feedback on all of these please. And then moving on to filming type I'm filming myself. I'm not I will be doing some on my computer screen but I don't really want feedback on this. You could put this in your test video if you need feedback but really recording your screen it's pretty hard to go wrong with that. And we're not really doing an activity so really filming myself or another person best fits this course. All right for my microphone type I've got a blue Yadi for my camera type. I've got a large Texian 920 noticed that they even have a setting for this. That's how popular it is. So they've actually got an option for this. OK. If you don't have a c 920 you select webcam other or something like that software type I'm using cam Tasia for Mac an operating system of course I am on Mac OS. All right so I've got all that stuff there. Filming advice. OK. We're going to say that if I were to skip that I've already filmed my video. I just want to upload it. OK. And so I'll go to my desktop here. Test video CRM and we'll hit open. Go ahead. Upload this video. It'll take just a moment to upload when it's done. I will come back and we will submit this thing for feedback. All right our video is done uploading it now says the status is processing but we have our submit for feedback button which is already opened up here we can click it now. So I'm going to go ahead and do that. Great work. We've got your video feedback on your video will be ready within two business days and you'll receive an e-mail when it is ready. So for now you might want to do a little bit of waiting some more course planning because you do want to make sure that you can be as satisfied with your video your audio quality your environment including the lighting as well as your delivery before you record a bunch of videos. I know it might be tempting for you to just go ahead and start recording but I really recommend you wait for this feedback to save yourself a little bit of time and effort if you need to make some adjustments.